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While one of the hottest summers on record continues to crisp us up in north Texas, Laura and I take to the scary outdoors for a look at the latest offering from Sumo Lounge: the Sumo Air. Built of 300-grade ripstop nylon, the Sumo Air is as durable as it is portable. Check out our video review above for all of the details.

It's extremely compact and portable.

It’s extremely compact and portable.

As you can see, the Sumo Air takes a little bit of practice to inflate, but that’s nothing a leaf blower or fan can’t fix when you’re close to home, or a tiny breeze when bringing your inflatable seat to the great outdoors.

It's fun in the pool and on dry land.

It’s fun in the pool and on dry land.

There is one downside we found for the Sumo Air, and that’s also its greatest strength. The baffles that allow air to be locked in the left and right chambers can also let water become trapped inside. This can, without draining and perhaps a diluted bleach rinse, let mold grow during storage.

Make sure you fully drain the Sumo Air and keep the baffles inside dry.

Make sure you fully drain the Sumo Air and keep the baffles inside dry.

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As you can see in the video, the Sumo Air is the perfect portable for concert lawn seats, chilling in the park, or taking a dip in the pool. It may take a little practice to inflate, but for $74.99 retail, and as low as $49.99 on sale, it’s hard to pass this up.

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