Something Wild! review — My first Rummy game

Something Wild! is a small box game from Funko that is reminiscent of a stripped down classic card game with some modern flare. Toss in an adorable mini Pop figure and this could be Something Interesting! Right?

At its core, Something Wild is all about building sets and runs of cards like in Rummy or any number of classic card games. The Wild part is the special power cards. These can do things like allow you to swap cards with another player or count 6s as any color. Pretty wild right? The object of the game is to collect three power cards. Forming a set or run allows you to take the top power card from the deck.

But wait, what’s the Pop figure for? To sell the game, obviously. It also determines when you get to use the power cards. Whenever you play a card that matches the color of the power card on top of the deck or has a “Take a figure” symbol, you get to take the Pop figure and now have access to all of the powers you have already collected in addition to the top card of the deck.

The game is advertised for ages 6+ and 15 minutes for play and I think that is pretty accurate. Luck is going to be a huge factor in winning so the short time is great for not overstaying its welcome. I was able to teach the game to my 5 year old and she picked it up pretty quickly. The cards are really glossy and thin but don’t stick together. The iconography on the power cards is generally clear and self explanatory so there is not a lot of room for rules confusion.

The particular set we played is Indiana Jones themed but there is absolutely no theme to the power cards or gameplay so pick up whatever set has the figure you like best if you want to check it out. You can also combine multiple sets together but then you have to keep track of the cards from each set being specific to that figure which seems like unnecessary overhead for such a simple game.

This is a difficult one to review. On the one hand, I think it’s great for kids and introducing them to some real card game mechanics in a simple game. The Pop figure is also a lot of fun to play with. On the other hand, there is no way I would recommend this to adults. It’s just way too simple and luck dependent. I’m going to score it for the group I think it’s meant for and that is families with kids, so if that’s not you I hope you read the review and didn’t just jump to the score.

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A life long video gamer, Mark caught the Tabletop itch in college and has been hooked ever since. Epic two player strategy games are his favorites but he enjoys pretty much everything on the tabletop, just no Werewolf please. When he gets a break from changing diapers and reading bedtime stories he can usually be found researching new games or day dreaming about maybe one day having time for a ttrpg. Some of Mark's favorite games are Star Wars: Rebellion, A Feast for Odin, and Nemesis.



Something Wild!: Indiana Jones

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Something Wild is a fun introduction to classic card game mechanics that families can enjoy together. It’s fast and highly luck driven but so are most kids' games. The Pop figures are fun but have no impact on the game so grab whichever one you like best.

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