RIG 600 Pro HS headset review – Truth is, the game was RIGged from the start

Yeah, that’s right, as you can tell from the title, I like Fallout: New Vegas. You know what else I like? The RIG 600 Pro HS wireless headset. Arriving just in time for the upcoming fall gaming release schedule, I believe this headset should be on everyone’s radar. Nacon has a good track record with GamingTrend so far, and besides a few startup issues out-of-the-box, that does not seem to be changing any time soon. 

The RIG 600 Pro HS is compatible with both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (including the Steam Deck). The RIG Pro 600 HX will be released alongside the HS for Xbox consoles. Right out of the box expect to be greeted by a number of items: the headset itself, a 2.4GHz USB-C adapter, a USB-C charging cable, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter. Everything is a sleek black color, and can match basically any setup.

The RIG 600 Pro HS was evidently designed with comfort in mind. Noticeably less bulky than its recent counterparts, the 600 Pro HS fits comfortably on top of the head, slightly angled to the back so that ear comfort takes priority. Speaking of ear comfort, do you ever wish your ears had pillows? Well I did too, and then I was introduced to this headset. Two soft plush fabric pieces flank either side of your head to ensure your ears are right where they need to be. Additionally, with the help of the size adjuster, I never ended up with “headset hair”, which was a welcome change compared to other hardware. Overheating is never a problem, and the product is extremely light and folds into the earcups, which makes traveling with it easy.

Now, most importantly, how does the RIG 600 Pro HS sound? To start, the headset is powered by bass-boosted, 40mm high-sensitivity drivers. There are balanced acoustics chambers on each side of the headset, so sound never feels too concentrated on one ear like it sometimes can on other hardware. Sound is crisp; while testing the device with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, I was able to hear every sound in the game, from the gravel shifting underneath footsteps to firefights way in the distance. Dialogue sounds great – conversations are clear, and there is virtually no echo. As for music, the RIG is a great option, and though not explicitly designed for soundtracks, I did not have any issues. For the $99.99 price point, the sound quality is right where it needs to be.

The microphone deploys out of the left earcup rather sleekly, staying incognito and non-invasive when not in use and easily accessible with the press of one button. The positioning of the microphone is out-of-the-way as well, so I wasn’t chewing on it while using the headset. I tested the quality in a few PlayStation parties in-game and out. Outside of a game, I was told my voice was clear and not muffled, and I could effectively partake in conversations. However, while in-game, my buddies told me my voice was a little quiet. Though this could likely be a mismatch with Modern Warfare II’s game audio, it was still something I was made aware of. I’ve definitely used clearer microphones, but this one definitely does the job.

To round out the positives, the RIG 600 Pro HS features very fast charging and a battery that lasts a long time. The device features a 24-hour Bluetooth battery life and an 18-hour 2.4GHz battery life. I never had an issue with how long it lasted and got reliable use out of it during gameplay. There are also helpful sounds that play when certain functions are active, including audio cues for battery life notifications, volume settings, and connections, which seems to be a new normal for Nacon gear. It is also a plus that the 600 Pro HS can be used with more than one platform. 

A set of problems I did have with the RIG 600 Pro HS had to do with Bluetooth connection. The headset features Bluetooth 5.1 wireless technology which allows for cordless listening (with a fair bit of allowable distance when far from your PS5, PC, or Switch). When first connecting to my PlayStation 5, I plugged in the adapter, but the device took a long time to find the connection. It was not instant, taking a little longer than a minute to connect. It seems to be the case even as I am writing this review, taking its time connecting to my PS5. This is honestly something that feels a bit under-market, as some other headsets are able to connect as soon as they are turned on. Additionally, for the first few goes with the RIG, it would unexpectedly power-cycle without any prompt or notice. I would be in the middle of the game and suddenly hear “power off”… “power on” a few times before settling. Though this seemed to subside with continued use, it felt worth mentioning.



RIG 600 Pro HS

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The RIG 600 Pro HS is a comfortable, durable piece of kit that sounds great and features some stellar functionality. Though there are sometimes connection and power-cycle issues, this is a generally safe purchase for the price point.

Nicholas Aguilera

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