Mouse moves like Jagger: Enhance GX-MP5 and GX-MP6 review

I always thought that a mousepad was a pretty simple thing, nothing to be concerned with in the whole scope of the computer unit.  Boy was I wrong.  Even though a mousepad only need be flat and smooth to be worthwhile, it is clear to me now that some are smoother and more flat than the others.  The Enhance GX-MP5 and GX-MP6 gaming mouse pads are both excellent gaming periphery in their own right, with few flaws.

 The GX-MP5 is a pro gaming ABS hard plastic pad.  The size is almost 4 times that of a standard mousepad, which makes it unwieldy for smaller desks, but a magnificent addition to a nice large desktop.  For those using a small desk, or a table for their computer, this item will be better used on a secondary tabletop, if possible.  The size of the GX-MP5 is by far its most distinctive feature, but there are other positives as well.


The most notable is the non-slip backing on the pad.  I used the GX-MP5 on glass, wood, and a metal desktop, and none had any movement issues.  Unlike other mouse pads that slip and slide, the GX-MP5 sort of locks into place, giving you a nice solid surface for use.  The top surface is a bit rough, but that helps with the laser based mice in keeping everything straight and narrow.

The GX-MP5 does have a very generic design, with the tired black and blue color scheme and Windows screensaver style abstract art.  While not necessarily pretty to look at, the function doesn’t suffer in anyway with design, so those that like this look will be very pleased with the entire product.


 The GX-MP6 is the superior product and may very well be the only mouse pad I use for the rest of my days.  It is functionally and visually perfect, and has a size that works for almost all desk sizes.  Made of aluminum alloy with a rubber non-slip backing, the GX-MP6 is slightly smaller than the GX-MP5 but still considerably larger than a standard pad.  The aluminum top is plain, with only the logo and brandmark in the bottom left corner.  It has a sleek and minimal design that fits well with most any existing setup you’ll have.

 Again, I tested the GX-MP6 on a wood, glass, and metal with no slippage whatsoever.  The medium size gives the GX-MP6 the added use of an extender for a pull-out desk.  The medium size also allows this mousepad to sit alongside a keyboard on most desks.  The top is smooth metal, which gives no resistance to the mouse but does not sacrifice any control, particularly with laser mice.  There is a slight texture to the pad as well that also gives the metal surface a shiny speckled look.


 Both mouse pads are moderately priced, and would make a nice upgrade for even the most frugal of PC gamer.  The GX-MP5 is going to provide ultimate size, a gripping yet smooth surface, and an abstract design, while the GX-MP6 provides a minimalist look and a sleek and smooth surface optimal for quick movements.  Despite the fact that both pads look quite different, there are more similarities than differences.  

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Enhance GX-MP5 & GX-MP6 Mouse Pads

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The Enhance GX-MP5 and GX-MP6 are large, smooth, and incredibly stable mouse pads that have a size above and beyond a normal pad. With different designs being the forefront difference, the GX-MP5 has a gritty grip while the GX-MP6 is smooth as butter. Both pads are well made with high quality materials, and perform admirably in all of the ways a mouse pad should.

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