Mists Over Carcassonne review – a collaborative twist to the classic tile-laying game

Playing Mists over Carcassone
Playing Mists Over Carcassonne

There is no doubt that Carcassonne is one of the most beloved and well-known board games in the world, a classic tile-laying game that has captivated players for many years. It is no wonder that Carcassonne has become so popular in the board game world due to its simple yet strategic gameplay and beautiful artwork. Mists over Carcassonne is a cooperative version of the game that brings a whole new perspective to the classic. Work together to prevent ghosts from taking over the map, and be ready for the challenge!

Mists over Carcassonne was created by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, the famous German game designer of the original Carcassonne, and published by Hans im Glück. It was recently released and has become a popular addition to the Carcassonne franchise.

Gameplay – surviving a village haunted by ghosts

Game Tiles

Game Tiles

Mists over Carcassonne, you are responsible for defending your village from ghosts by laying tiles cooperatively. While there are many similarities between this game and the classic Carcassonne game, it has a unique twist. The critical difference between Mists over Carcassonne and the original is the addition of mists, castles, and cemeteries. Upon placing a tile containing mist, ghosts will appear and scatter across the board. Ghosts can be removed from the map by clearing the mist or discarding obtained points.

Throughout the game, you must prevent ghosts from taking over Carcassonne while scoring points fast enough to win. It’s a cruel and unfair dilemma, but you must rise to the challenge!

Game Score and Player Aid

Game Score and Player Aid

On each turn, players place a tile on the board depicting various aspects of the village, such as roads, towns, castles, or cemeteries. Players place tiles adjacent to each other to construct the map and can claim ownership and points from completed features by placing meeples on them.

The gameplay is cooperative, meaning all players work together to stop ghosts from taking over the map. Players can discuss their strategies and coordinate their actions to maximize their chances of success.

The game has six scenarios, ranging from easy to hardcore semi-cooperative. Players can play each scenario individually or as a campaign.

Review – revisiting the classic with a welcome twist

Tile Pile

Tile Pile

The game mechanics in Mists over Carcassonne are easy to understand, and the game is both fun and frantic. It provides little downtime and low complexity, making it ideal for casual play.

The game is immersive and faithful to the haunted village theme, while the gorgeous artwork is in the original Carcassonne style. Playing collaboratively in Mists over Carcassonne offers exciting gameplay. The situation becomes increasingly tense as more and more ghosts appear on the map. Although it can be frustrating to be unable to eliminate ghosts, it adds to the thrill of the game.

While the game is inviting, it is demanding, and its unpredictable nature makes it particularly compelling. There is no way to predict the next tile or how the board will develop, which keeps the game exciting and fresh each time you play.

One of the unique features of Mists over Carcassonne is its semi-cooperative gameplay. Unlike the traditional Carcassonne game, where players compete against each other, Mists over Carcassonne requires players to work together to achieve a common goal.

The game contains six scenarios, ranging in difficulty from easy to the most challenging. The first scenario is designed for players who are new to the game, while the other scenarios increase in difficulty. Each scenario has its own set of rules and objectives, providing players with a lot of replayability.

Meeples and Ghost Meeples

Meeples and Ghost Meeples



Mists Over Carcassone

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In summary, Mists over Carcassonne is a fun and engaging game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. This outstanding game delivers a modern take on the classic with the addition of mists and ghosts. Although the game is more complex than the original, it is still an excellent gateway game for beginners. While the game mechanics are straightforward, the random distribution of tiles and the ghosts' takeover create an immersive experience. With stunning artwork and cooperative gameplay, Mists over Carcassonne is a must-try for any Carcassonne or board game enthusiast.

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