Metallic Child Video Review — Consistently Average

Metallic Child, a rogue-lite action game by Studio HG, has arrived, and I’ve played it to give you the lowdown. Most of our reviews are written up and posted, but with the times changing and every picture worth a thousand words, we figured a shift in format would mix things up a bit! I took some time to put together a video review for Metallic Child, check out what I think about it below!

Metallic Child Video Review - Consistently Average - [Switch] [Gaming Trend]

Here’s a few thoughts I had overall on the game from the review!

The anime art style and cute yet somehow badass character designs really compliment the games feel and accentuates the anime story it’s trying to tell. The Mega Man-esque level select also helps give a sense of progression as you make your way down the list, blazing through levels and squaring off against interesting bosses.

The gameplay of Metallic Child is simple enough and dare I say it’s kind of fun.

Something cool that stood out to me was that in the menu I noticed a kid mode that allows you to turn off explicit content making the game suitable for children. Why don’t more games do this?

The game introduces these interesting and wacky characters but sometimes they overstay their welcome so more often than not you’ll probably find yourself mashing the a button to get back to the action.

Metallic Child Video Review — Consistently Average


Metallic Child

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I can’t pretend like I didn’t have any fun with Metallic Child and honestly I should probably give it more credit for getting me to play it to its conclusion, even though I usually skip games of this genre. But it has a repetitive nature, game breaking bugs, and heavy handed poorly paced story.

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