MAVIX Standing Desk and MAVIX File Cabinet with Cushion review — MAVIX continues to impress with their easy-to-use and set up home office products

MAVIX Standing Desk

My day job requires me to sit for extremely long periods of time, which is both unhealthy and hard on my back. Exasperating that back pain is that my side work – writing – also involves me sitting. Granted, I am aware there are a long list of jobs which would be harder on my body than living out my days in a cubicle, but that doesn’t negate the damage sitting does to many. Thankfully, the advent of standing desks, like the MAVIX Standing Desk, has made those long days cramped up in an office at least a bit more tolerable.

The MAVIX Standing Desk impresses as a well-constructed and sturdy computer desk and as a highly impressive, functional, and easy-to-use standing desk. Let’s dive into the desk’s details a bit:

The MAVIX Standing Desk is available in both a rectangle and a cockpit design each with rounded corners, with your choice between either a 24” x 48” top or a 27” x 54” top. Seven laminate table top colors are available: shadow, ash, coffee, cloud, desert, honey, and bamboo. You can also choose one of three powder-coated base colors from black, silver, and white. The variety of tabletop and base colors should allow most people to design the product which would best suit their decorating style. I chose the coffee-colored cockpit tabletop with a black base, and the table fit perfectly in my already established computer room.

Quick Look - MAVIX Standing Desk and File Cabinet w/ Cushion

From the moment I put the table together I was impressed by the study craftsmanship on display. The tabletop is heavy and feels as if it could easily withstand a beating or intense gaming session without fear of accidentally damaging or scuffing the laminate. Additionally, the metal legs are also surprisingly robust and alleviated any fear of the table accidently flipping over. This is a table which is made to withstand hours of hardcore gaming and frustrating gaming losses, while just as easily being able to serve as a fully functional office desk.

With this being a standing desk, you may assume that the installation process would be lengthy or complicated, but the MAVIX Standing Desk is the easiest desk I have ever assembled. There are only three parts to speak of, with the entire installation taking a mere ten minutes from the time you unpack to the time the table is ready for use. To assemble, you simply attach the two legs to the underside of the tabletop, which features a nice locking mechanism to ensure you have the legs in the correct position, then you simply bolt them into place and connect the plugs from each leg into the power box attached to the underside of the table. Afterwards you can make use of the included straps to hide the wires.

Now let’s dive into what sets this desk apart from other computer desks – the intuitive and versatile height options. This desk is controlled via a small box which locks into place at the underside edge of the table. Using this control panel you are able to raise or lower the table with a quick push of the up and down arrow buttons, allowing you to adjust the table’s height to anywhere between 28” and 47”.  This control pad also features four numbered buttons with which you can use to quickly set your own specific pre-configured heights, allowing for immediate height changes depending on your mood. To set a pre-set height, you simply raise or lower the table to your preferred height and then press the S button located on the far right of the controller, followed by the numbered button with which you’d like to set that height to.

This process is extremely simple, and I found myself setting up my preferred heights immediately. I set my number 1 pre-set to 30” as that provides me a comfortable sitting angle and allows the desk to rest above my chair when pushed in, and I then set my number 2 pre-set to 47”, so I can quickly jump to the maximum standing height. While you can always just hold the up or down arrows to adjust the height on your own, it is nice to have pre-set heights as they allow you to simply sit back and watch the table do its thing.

For those worried about the table raising and lowering itself on its own, which is a valid concern, you can rest assured that the entire process is safe due to the MAVIX Standing Desk’s built-in advanced anti-collision sensors which should immediately stop the table’s movement if it happens to come into contact with anything unexpected, along with a digital lock if you do not wish the table to be adjusted when you are not around.

The most surprising thing is the smoothness of the transitions and the impressively quiet motor underneath it all. The table moves in one smooth, slow motion both up and down, while remaining quiet enough that the resulting noise does not disturb those around you. No matter how quickly I swapped between pre-set heights or simply attempted to toggle up and down, the table never faltered, always providing a smooth experience with no item on my tabletop being even slightly swayed out of place.

MAVIX File Cabinet with Cushion

To compliment my desk, I also picked up the MAVIX File Cabinet with Cushion, which helped provide me with storage space lacking from the Standing Desk. The Cabinet with Cushion fit perfectly underneath the table beside my chair, and thanks to the included rollers, can easily be pulled out if someone needs an extra space to sit.

The MAVIX File Cabinet comes in three colors: black, silver, and white and allows for a cushion attachment on top, which comes in six different colors: black a.t.r., glacial a.t.r., white a.t.r., black brisa, white brisa, and red brisa. All cushions adhere to the top of the cabinet using simple peel and stick strips which should not damage the top of the cabinet if removed, while also holding the cushion in place to prevent accidental slippage.

I’m not sure if attaching a cushion to the top of a file cabinet is a novel idea or not, but it is one I haven’t personally seen before, and I’m surprised to say this but it works quite well. It helps that the cushion is quite comfortable and decently thick, providing a firm yet supportive seating option that holds up even during long periods of sitting. The MAVIX file cabinet can hold a weight of 250 lbs, with a drawer load of 88 lbs, providing more than enough support for documents or items to be stored, and comes in at a weight just a tad over 30 lbs. while sitting right at 19.25” tall and 14.25” wide.

This compact yet efficient cabinet features two drawers with recessed pulls and full-extension drawer slides. A smaller upper drawer works well for the storage of accessories, writing utensils, or even headphones, while a larger bottom drawer is spacious enough to support legal and letter file sizes or a multitude of gaming accessories. Both drawers can be locked via a lock located on the upper right of the top drawer by either of the two included keys. The cabinet’s base consists of five smooth caster wheels, which allows for easy movement on hardwood, vinyl, or even carpet.

File cabinets are a dime a dozen, but the quality of the build makes a huge difference when it comes to the safety of your belongings and the durability of the product. Thankfully, the MAVIX File Cabinet shines with its construction, being at once stylish, functional, and sturdy enough to take a beating or to hold a human for extended periods.

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MAVIX Standing Desk and File Cabinet

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MAVIX is well known for their quality gaming chairs, but the release of the MAVIX Standing Desk and MAVIX File Cabinet with Cushion show that they deserve recognition for their well-designed, sturdy, and highly functional furniture as well. The Standing Desk’s ease of use, quality construction, sturdy features, and programmable height settings make it a fantastic choice for both a gamer who regularly dives into multi-hour gaming sessions and an office worker who wants to alternate between sitting and standing to avoid tension. The File Cabinet with Cushion provides a safe and durable locking cabinet which can easily hold gaming accessories or important documents, all while also serving as a comfortable extra seat when needed. Both products are well worth the investment for anybody looking to spruce up their home office or game room.

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