MAVIX M7 chair review – It’s simply unmatched

The hunt for a good chair for my marathon gaming and work sessions has felt like there’s no end in sight. The typical gamer move is to get the racing-style chairs, but they’re less practical and not as comfortable over longer periods of time. Standard desk chairs are typically a better option but still manage to come up short in terms of the quality of materials. We’ve already talked about the MAVIX M5 and its qualities, but this time we’re taking it a step further with the MAVIX M7 and why this may just be the last chair you ever need.

The entire lineup of MAVIX chairs are built with ergonomics at the forefront. Not only do these chairs need to look good and feel good, they also need to be practical and, overall, make life easier for you. Whether you work from home, play games at a desk, or for whatever other purpose, MAVIX chairs should always be at the top of your list. The M7 is among the highest-end chairs available by MAVIX. This chair is built for comfort and practicality while also being built to last.

To start off, you have the option to have your MAVIX chair shipped to you with some assembly required or fully assembled (for a fee). Assembling the chair is very easy, and there are walkthrough videos on the MAVIX website if you need a little guidance. The wheels snap into place as does the lift cylinder when you first sit in the seat, or at least it’s supposed to. I couldn’t get the cylinder to properly snap into place, so it falls right out when I lift the chair. However, for me this really isn’t much of a problem as I’ll never have a need to lift the chair unless I’m moving somewhere, in which case it’ll be nice not to have to fight with it to disassemble it for easier transport.


The parts of the chair that need to be screwed into place are the back of the chair, the armrests, and the headrest. Thankfully, they give you all the screws and a couple of hex wrenches to get everything in place. One thing that I have noticed after using the M7 for a while now is that the armrest screws loosen pretty easily, resulting in the armrests becoming wobbly and needing to be tightened back up. The headrest is optional to attach. A couple of headrest caps are provided to cover up the screw holes on the top-back of the chair if you decide not to use it.

This is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever used. The MAVIX mesh helps to keep the air circulating while also providing the perfect amount of supportive and responsive tension. This goes for the seat as well, though it kind of feels like there’s a little less support towards the center of the seat. But even after sitting for hours, I never experienced any issues or discomfort. The Dynamic Variable Lumbar hits the spot perfectly on my lower back, with the Elemax heating, cooling, and massage unit being a perfect add-on.

One of my first office chairs also used mesh (only on the back, not on the seat), but it was a simple cloth mesh, not nearly as durable as the mesh used on the M lineup. The next chair I had was a PU or faux-leather chair I snagged at Staples on a discount. The chair is decently comfortable, but I have a cat with very sharp claws and she has torn that chair apart. None of that is a worry I have to contend with when using the M7.

The FS wheels are clearly built to last and glide across virtually any surface with ease. When I say virtually any surface, if you have even low-profile carpet with decent carpet pad underneath, the chair will dig in pretty well, making it harder to move, so you’ll want to get a mat to place under the chair.

The rest of the chair will look familiar to you if you read our review of the M5 as the two are nearly identical in design with some minor changes to the dimensions, some of the materials, and the M7 weighing a few pounds more. The seat is 21” wide, providing ample space for most users to sit comfortably. With everything assembled, including the headrest, the chair stands 56” tall and weighs in at 55.5lbs, supporting a weight capacity of 275lbs.

The M5 used PU for the Dynamic Variable Lumbar, which may look nice but PU isn’t known for being a long-lasting material, nor is it particularly breathable. The M7’s DVL uses the airy M-Breeze fabric, which is designed to allow for optimal venting, which is particularly nice if you have the Elemax heating, cooling, and massage system installed on your chair like I do.

The M7 introduces 4-dimensional armrests to the MAVIX lineup. With this you are able to adjust the height, depth, width, and angle of your armrests for optimal comfort. The angle and depth adjustments are the most troublesome, however, as it’s very easy to accidentally turn and slide the armrests. This on top of the screws holding the armrests onto the chair coming loose presents obvious stability concerns, particularly when you’re trying to get out of the chair or to even simply adjust the chair’s position. Hopefully we’ll see these issues get addressed with future iterations of these chairs or with newer models altogether. Seeing as these are easy to detach and install, it might even be worth just redesigning these armrests and offering them as an option. You do have the option to get your M7 with the FS 360° rotational arms, however that does add $164 onto the already staggering cost of the chair, and I can’t attest to whether or not they would be worth the investment as I have not been able to test them myself.

One of the frequent concerns that I’ve seen with regards to the M7 (and it’s successor, the M9) is the cost versus the features and quality. The base retail of the M7 with no additions is sitting at $777 before tax. As just mentioned, getting the FS 360° rotational arms would add another $164, the Elemax adds another $129, and if you want it sent assembled that’s another $133, bringing the grand total to just over $1200. As of this writing, they are running a sale on the MAVIX website, which brings the base price down to $622, but that’s still a steep price tag to many. There’s discounts applying to add-ons as well, including the Elemax being free with the chair’s purchase. I guess the good news is that regardless of what your total is, if you’re living in the United States, you still get free shipping. You are also paying for a very high-quality product that is surely to last you a longer than your standard office chair.

And with that investment, you’ll want to be sure your purchase is protected. In this area, MAVIX doesn’t hold back, putting their full faith in their product lasting for many, many years. All parts and materials are warranted for 5 years, of course with those standard limitations of you using the chair as it is intended to be used. There is also a 12 year warranty on all non-moving metal components, such as the frame.

MAVIX has only been in the market for a few years, but they’ve surely made a name for themselves. You’ve seen how these chairs are built, seen them compared to the likes of SecretLab and Herman Miller, but until you’ve sat down in one of their chairs yourself, you truly don’t know what you’re missing out on. If they can fix the minor issues, particularly with the armrests, there really isn’t a better chair, though the price tag is still a bit of a head turner.

Cassie Peterson is an Editor for Gaming Trend but also a sporadic content creator and exceedingly average Rainbow Six Siege player. She goes by MzPanik on Twitter and Twitch and all of the gaming platforms.



MAVIX M7 Gaming Chair

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The MAVIX M7 is a high-end gaming/office chair built from the best materials and providing the ultimate level of comfort and support for marathon game sessions and long work days. There are some concerns with the armrests not staying properly in place, and the price tag is a bit up there, but the cost may very well be worth it in the end for unrivaled quality.

Cassie Peterson

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