Lights? Power?! Build-a-lot 4: Power Source HD Review

In this somewhat remastered version of Build-a-Lot 4, you help towns and neighborhoods grow and prosper by using solar towers and wind farms to make Build-a-lot green. There are four campaigns to play (Tutorial, the Main, Challenge, and Expert) and each of them has around 45-60 levels. Each level you are given several neighborhood goals, like constructing a certain type of residence, employing workers, or building required community areas and power sources.

Workshops and Power Sources give you negative appeal ratings. Combat this by painting your house, Landscaping, or constructing next to Community areas (Tennis Court, Pool, etc).

There are different strategies you can use to achieve these goals: Building resources like a Workshop, Garden Center, and Tech Center; Making houses Energy Efficient; Upgrading houses to raise rent and funds; landscaping to increase approval ratings. These resources can be used to reach level goals at a leisurely (but timed) pace or “Super Speedy Efficiency”. (Full Disclosure: I didn’t receive anything besides personal accomplishment and a star for my Super Speedy level finishes. Meh. Not entirely impressed.)

Super Efficiency is Super lame.. Where’s my prize?! haha

An interesting factor of this game is that you don’t have to worry about stocking up resources or funds because they reset at the start of each level. This may change as you get into more challenging campaigns. I’m not sure what happens if you revisit the same neighborhood, or if it’s even a possibility. I haven’t encountered a neighborhood back to back and I’m halfway through the main campaign. In addition, the game throws out new goals, sometimes mid-late in the level, which can occasionally mess with the strategy you set forth early in the level. This is an easy fix since you can replay levels by visiting your planner in the Menu screen.

Your Planner can give you recaps of levels you’ve finished along with the option to replay them.

One of the features that set this Build-a-lot apart from the rest of the Build-a-lot games is that you can encounter black-out’s pretty frequently if you aren’t planning ahead. You must be able to power your neighborhood to finish a level.

It’s entirely possible to black-out and run out of funds and resources to fix your power generators. I worked my way out of these black-outs by flipping properties and purchasing materials with those funds or demolishing residences and shops that I had low rental rates/no more use for. As long as you pay attention to your power line bar and make sure you have the appropriate resources when constructing new properties, all should be good in the hood.

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Build-a-lot 4: Power Source HD

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The full version of Build-a-lot 4: Power Source HD is currently free for a limited time on the iOS platform. I’d say that Build-a-lot 4: Power Source HD is overall pretty repetitive. I'm really not sure why I kept on playing. I can see it being a great way to kill time, but then again... What game isn’t?

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