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I’ve been through my fair share of phone cases over the years and I’ve mostly figured out what I do and don’t like about them. But with so many choices, it can still be hard to find a product that fits the bill.  Basically, a good case has to be lightweight, not too bulky, aesthetically pleasing and, of course, strong enough to protect my phone from accidents. And while there are some minor gripes preventing the KX tough case from getting my full stamp of approval, after carrying it around on my iPhone 6 for the past month, I can confidently say that this case does meet the majority of my listed requirements.

The officially licensed Apple iPhone 6 case that I first purchased along with my phone seemed like the best choice at the time, but it was hardly 6 months before the outer rubber layer started peeling and flapping away from the sides and corners. As soon as you get your hands on the KX case, you’ll see that this peeling and flapping won’t be an issue. Rather than gluing a rubber lining onto a plastic shell, like the Apple case, the entire KX case is built out of a singular, solid piece of a rubber-like material that eliminates the possibility of peeling. It also helps maintain the low weight of the case, which, for its size, is considerably light.

It looks good, too. Right now, the Nuguard KX cases come in four colors: black, blue, red and midnight. I went with the blue as my color of choice. The back of the case has a circle cutout for the Apple logo and a oval cutout for the camera lens and flash. On the sides, there’s a crosshatch texture on the outside of the case that looks good while also adding extra grip on the phone.


This case won’t be for everyone. It’s design is primarily focussed on the protection of your device, and while great effort has been made to limit its obstruction on the phone, it may still be too bulky for consumers looking to maintain the sleek design of their new phone. The rubber casing does add about a quarter of an inch to the perimeters of the phone. This added depth also can get in the way of easy access to the power and headphone ports on the bottom of the phone. More than once, my headphone jack was inadvertently yanked while my phone was in my pocket. The protective layering of the case will also require you to apply more force when pushing the volume and power buttons; however, this is only of minor gripe and I soon failed to notice it after the first couple hours of use.

At $49.00 on the NewerTech site (I found it listed on some sites for as low as $29.00), this is a relatively affordable iPhone case for those who are primarily interested in the protection of their device. The case is strong enough to withstand virtually any normal drop, slip, tumble or slam, and it does so in a mostly unobstructed manner. However, there is a cost for all this added protection, and there may be some concerns regarding the bulkiness of the case and the way it limits access to some of the phone’s buttons and ports. The color options are pleasing to the eye, and the simple, single piece design ensures that it will last as long as your phone before needing replacing. While minor gripes concerning the button and port access may be deal breakers for some, for most the prospect of a nearly indestructible and lightweight case that looks good while being affordable may quickly override these concerns. I’m certainly going to continue using it.



Nuguard KX iPhone 6 case

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If you're someone who's more concerned about the look and feel of your phone, then you might be happier taking your chances with a less sturdy case, but if you're looking to protect your phone from the hazards of everyday life, then this may just be the right case for you.

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