Jurassic World Evolution 2: Feathered Species DLC & Update 6 review — Good things come in small packages

I always get so excited when I see new content to review for Jurassic World Evolution 2 in my inbox. I absolutely love both JWE, and JWE2 , and rarely have I ever been disappointed in anything they’ve put out. The Feathered Species DLC pack launched on March 30th along with Update 6, and once again the folks at Frontier have hit the mark.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Feathered Species Pack | Announcement Trailer

Though this is a small pack, the species included make a big impression, even the little ones! Just when I think that the creatures in this franchise can’t get any cuter, they come out with two of the most adorable (and tiny!) species yet!

The bat-like, insect eating Jeholopterus is a very unique species to add to your aviaries!

Let’s start with the insect eating, flying reptile named Jeholopterus. You’ll need an aviary for these cuties, and the all new insect feeding station. They remind me of bats, and they are one of the smallest airborne species in the JWE2 game. They sleep on top of the viewing gallery in the aviary and it’s just too much to handle how precious these guys are. I am a huge lover of bats, so this species just clicked with me. Jeholopterus will be a staple in my parks from here on out.

Tiny but fierce, the Sinosauropteryx will wow your guests!

Next up in the Feathered Species pack is the small but mighty carnivorous Sinosauropteryx. I was able to slip in a tiny enclosure in the back of my park with these wee ones, and the guests love them. They are full of personality and spunk, and I kind of picture them strutting to the Bee Gees song “Stayin’ Alive” because of the way they walk. The fluffy long tail and cute lil hands are racoon-like, but they are fierce little predators. Because of their tiny stature they are a great fit to add into a park where you have some odd spaces to fill.

One of my Yutrannus deciding if he’d like to eat the people in the all new Log Viewing Gallery, included with Update 6.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we were introduced to one of the largest known carnivores, Yutyrannus, which means “Feathered Tyrant”, derived from Mandarin Chinese and Latin. I really enjoyed zooming in, especially at sunset, to look at the amazing details these guys have. I had never heard of this dinosaur before, and it certainly appeals to me as I love the tyrannosaur look with the addition of feathers.

The Deinocheirus species is a huge crowd pleaser.

Lastly we have Deinocheirus, and these guys have a massive five-star appeal rating for my park. They eat both fish and plants, and are a bit larger so planning an enclosure to include them might be tricky, but I promise they are worth it.

I also got to play around with Update 6, which includes quality of life and bug fixes, as well as some very exciting, FREE additions! There are two new types of Remote Viewing Galleries, which you can place within your dino enclosures to let your park guests get a VERY up close look at the inhabitants of the park from the (hopefully) comfortable safety of the enclosure. It’s quite simple to add either the Log or Dome Viewing Gallery, you just place the one end in the enclosure, and the other needs to be connected to a walkway. The guests travel underground to the gallery and get an up close and personal view of their favorite species. I especially enjoyed the Log Viewing Gallery and plan to add it to several of my enclosures.

Another free addition to JWE2 with Update 6 is the addition of cinematic camera mode. I loved playing with this, because the graphics in this game are gorgeous, and the closer you can get the better they get. You can click this new button to place your first-person view anywhere you like, then roam within to get the perfect shot. It also really helped put into perspective the size differences between the species featured in the Feathered Species DLC.

Update 6 also brings some pretty cool Sandbox mode additions, and zipline variants, all for free!

Without sounding like a complete fan-girl for this game franchise (which I totally am) the Feathered Species DLC is worth the few bucks spent for four very unique species. If you enjoy the game, it’s a no brainer.

You can get JWE2 Feathered Species today for only $7.99 on Steam, PS, and XBOX.

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Jurassic World Evolution 2: Feathered Species Pack

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I rarely ever have any criticism for the JWE2 franchise, and this is no exception. While the Feathered Species Pack is small, it brings with it four wonderful new species, two of which will steal your heart away with their tiny yet fierce personalities. The other two larger species are crowd pleasers that are so unique and beautiful you just have to make room in your park for them. All four of the new species will be permanent residents in my parks going forward. The free Update 6 brings quality of life updates, as well as two new REALLY cool Remote Viewing Galleries you can place within your enclosures. I especially liked the Log Viewing Gallery! If you enjoy this game as much as I do, picking up the Feathered Species DLC is a must!

Holly Hudspeth

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