JBL Quantum 910 headset review – A wireless headtracking competitive edge in gaming

Headsets have become one of the most important parts of gaming culture. Whether it’s making sure you hear every footstep around you in a competitive shooter or being able to hear your buddy’s story about their day at work, headsets have become a necessity for most gamers. Because of that, there has been an influx of different kinds of headsets on the market over recent years, which can be overwhelming for those not familiar with the lingo or what is needed for most online games. That was me. Last year I reviewed the JBL Quantum 400’s. These were a game changer for me as this was the first time I had a headset that had a USB hookup, an app on the PC, and all the bells and whistles of a real “gaming headset.” I felt my game go up just from having the ability to hear that much clearer. Now, JBL ups the game again with the JBL Quantum 910’s, of which I tried out the wireless headset. Let’s discuss it all.

First off, the packaging truly does make you feel like it’s an experience opening it for the first time. The box is great quality, not too much, but enough you know the headset was protected. The headset comes with the USB Type-A hookup, a 3.5 mm jack for those using it with a console through a controller, and a bluetooth connection that goes into your devices’s USB drive. The headset also comes with its own cloth carrying case, which is going to come in handy if I decide to travel with them. Overall, I was pleased with the effort that went into making the opening process an experience rather than just another boring box to tear into.

The main thing that really takes the 910’s and fully separates them from the 400’s is the head tracker and spatial sound. One of the best things about setup for this headset is that it sends you to a video that takes you step by step on how to fully activate the headset with your PC. A big complaint I had in the original Quantum 400 review was that it took me, a novice in headsets, a bit to fully understand how the system worked. With the 910’s, not only do they give you a full packet of instructions in the box, it also provides the step by step video upon installation of the headset on the PC. After I set everything up, the first thing I like to test headsets with is Star Wars (of course). So I booted up the spatial sound and played the Obi-Wan vs Darth Vader fight from the recent Kenobi show. It was impressive how clear everything sounded. Another addition is the button on the headset itself for noise canceling to be turned on and off. When off, you truly have just you and the audio playing. The spatial audio made every clash of the Lightsabers come through beautifully, as if I was watching it in a movie theater. Next, I tried out the head tracking system with some Fortnite. All you have to do to set up head tracking is click on the head tracking recenter button in the app, look directly at the screen with the game, and click the little button. This allows you to move where the center of your audio will be. Immediately, I saw a difference in how I was hearing the game itself.

This became an interesting trial at that point. I tried the head tracking feature while streaming Fortnite on Gaming Trend’s Twitch channel (link to twitch channel) and found it very interesting. While using head tracking mode, I could look to my left monitor and see chat, and it was easy for me to hear when things were coming on screen because my right ear would be bombarded with sound. This made watching chat easier because I knew it would be able to hear when there was something coming. This might be a niche situation, but with the pure volume of gamers who are now streamers, it’s a plus to have a headset that actually makes reading chat while playing a battle royale easier.

This headset has the ability to be fully wireless, which is a HUGE plus for me. I don’t like a lot of wires on my desk. I sometimes share my desk with my partner in crime, Regan, and having wires all around us makes gaming difficult. We were able to smoothly play D&D online with friends and not a single wire got in our way. I also appreciate the wireless as a streamer because it allows me freedom of movement. If I get excited because we get a win or a big moment happens, I’m not pulling down my entire rig because the cord is tied up behind my computer. This is another game changer from the 400’s to the 910’s!

Now let’s discuss a feature I ended up loving about the 400’s that continues with the 910’s; the app. The PC allows you to have an app called the JBL QuantumENGINE. The name speaks for itself. This is where you control everything. You can control whether you want Spatial or Head Tracking audio, audio volume settings, microphone settings, and one of my favorite parts, all those fun lighting settings. It’s all very simple and easy to use and makes setting it up for the first time easy and going back to change settings a breeze.

This headset can work on several different consoles via bluetooth. I’ve been able to successfully pair with the following during my tests with the wireless and 3 MM Jack:

  • PS5
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch OLED

One small design issue I found while testing was that the dongle for the bluetooth connection isn’t the easiest to get out of a USB port that is a tad more sturdy. It was able to glide out of my PC ports because they’re old. Meanwhile I had to actually take my PS5 and Switch off the setup I have to try and get it out. The connector splits into two pieces to connect to the headset in setup mode, and that is where the issue lies: it will come apart leaving the smaller part of the dongle inside the USB drive, and that piece is sometimes hard to get out. Again, this is a small issue, but one worth discussing.

On the headset itself you have quite a few different ways to change settings. On the left earphone you have most of your settings options. Top button is the on and off button for the noise canceling. Below that is the dial to move it from game volume to chat volume. Third from the top is the dial for general volume. And at the bottom is the off and on button for the microphone. You can also mute the microphone simply by lifting the microphone until it makes a clicking noise in the up position. On the right earphone is the power switch and the button to switch to head tracking. The only issue that I’ve had is when trying to make a quick change, switching the dials for game/chat and general volume. Twice I accidentally turned my friends’ chat down and not the game volume. This will easily be fixed by just spending time using the device, but it was the only issue I’ve had with the setup of the headset itself.

The JBL Quantum 910’s are a game changer for my setup. I’ve seen my level of play go up, the quality of sound I’m hearing is better (and that’s saying something given my love for the 400’s), and I LOVE it being wireless. I’m someone who loves a cleaner looking space to game and work and wireless is always better for me. With all the ways to change the lighting design on the headset itself, it’s always fun to see what it looks like on stream. I’ve also really enjoyed the ability to switch from spatial sound to head tracking with the push of a button. The JBL Quantum 910’s are a home run step up from the 400’s I reviewed before. While the price tag of $299.95 might stop some from making the jump, if you’ve committed to wanting to step your game up, the JBL Quantum 910’s are a perfect way to do that.

You can purchase the JBL Quantum 910’s from the JBL Website now!

Adam is a musician and gamer who loves his partner in crime, Regan, and their two pets Rey and Finn. Adam is a fan of Star Wars, Mass Effect, NFL Football, and gaming in general. Follow Adam on Twitter @TheRexTano.



JBL Quantum 910 headset

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The JBL Quantum 910’s are a game changer for anyone coming from the JBL line of headphones. With the new head-tracking and then spatial sound, you’ll be equipped for competitive gaming, watching movies, playing games with friends, listening to music, or just hearing every step you take in solo play. These have the new wireless capability and work with multiple consoles and setups. While the price might be out of reach for some, it’s worth every penny for how much this headset can do.

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