HyperX Cloud III Wireless Gaming Headset review — It’s like wearing a cloud

I have never been a fan of wireless peripherals. As a proud user of wired products, including headphones, I have a strong bias against the wireless family. Why would I sabotage my gaming experience with slow latency, lagging responses, and lower-grade volume? A cord connected to my console of choice meant security, safety, and satisfaction. Nothing could beat the comfort and solidity of a wired headset – or so I thought.

Even as a loyal customer of HyperX gaming headphones, I had my doubts, but after opening the box for the first time, I sensed quality. Inside the box, the headphones were on a glorious display. The Cloud III wireless has a sleek, modern design and is more put together than my HyperX Cloud IIs. Under the headphone’s mold is the detachable mic, wireless dongle, USB-C to USB-A adapter, USB charging cable, and of course the quick start guide.

Stern and stable is what you can describe the Cloud III wireless as. Right now, they come in black and red, and the design keeps true to the HyperX line. It features 2 buttons on the left; a power button coupled with the charging port. On the right is the mute button and a volume scroll wheel. They are easy to access and do not interfere with my gaming experience. Coming from a wired background, at first I wasn’t comfortable with the button layout. I felt the mute button was too far from where it should be and the scroll wheel had a slow scroll. However, after a couple of days, I was using all the buttons with ease. The layout is way easier to use than the audio control box of my HyperX Cloud IIs. 

So the elephants in the room: latency, lag, and battery life. Honestly, since I opened the box, I have never experienced any of these problems. With 120 hours of battery life, the Cloud III wireless does not go out. I have not been below 70% battery charge. To my relief, I was not pressured to charge them every second breath. Of course, I do plug them in every night just to never have them go out, however, I have used them without charging for a week and never had them die on me. 

Whatever I have read on the internet about other peoples’ experience when it comes to lag and latency with wireless headphones does not apply to the Cloud III wireless headphones. In fact, they are near perfect. After testing the 2.4GHz wireless connection with the likes of Microsoft Teams, Steam Chat, Skype, and of course, Discord, there was never a problem. With the HyperX Cloud IIs, I had to install a sound booster to force the microphone to work properly. And even with that, the wire constantly unplugged from the audio box, making for some weird transformer noises and a broken microphone. Trust me, I came in with low expectations and ended up wearing these headphones over my wired ones.

So, how does it feel to wear these headphones? I was afraid they would be heavy because most headphones usually are, which is the main reason I switched to the HyperX Cloud line in the first place. My Cloud IIs are very light, flexible, and comfortable. Switching to its wireless counterpart made of steel and aluminum, I was expecting a heavier product. To my surprise, they felt the same, yet more comfortable! With its sleek design comes the leatherette ear cushions that cloak my ears with ease. Wrapping around my head with additional cushion was the band that did not leave me sore after hours of wear. They are the same level of lightness as the Cloud IIs and did not disappoint.

However, are they truly a cloud? Unlike the Cloud IIs, the Cloud III wireless floats. Yes, they float and I mean that. I got up from a long gaming session, forgetting I switched my headsets and was expecting to be yanked into oblivion as I walked a couple of feet away. Instead, I was cruising around my room while listening to Baldur’s Gate III soundtrack. With the wire cut, I unlocked a whole new arsenal of movements, including walking away, going downstairs for a quick snack and even taking my dog to the backyard all while my headset rested upon my head. It was truly a relief. I felt free from the burden of my prior wired peripheral.

Now, how does this monster of a headset work in-game? It is super loud! With the cupping, cushioned ear muffs blocking out every imaginable sound outside, these headphones allow for a highly immersive gaming experience. The uni-directional, noise-canceling microphone was mutable with ease and was indicated by the red LED light that flashed red when muted. It was a telling sign that my friends couldn’t hear me when I was crunching on loud chips. The feeling of uninterrupted gaming sessions was a feature I could not pass up on when it comes to the Cloud III wireless headset.

No more dealing with the audio box and no more dealing with twisted cables. With many of the great things I have experienced, there were some minor setbacks. Setting up the headphones, for example, was a pain. I had a problem differentiating between the light patterns that were conveying many different messages. However, it only took 15 minutes of setting up. After that, I never had to worry about it again. One big disappointment was the headset relies on the dongle to be connected to a device. It offers connectivity with multiple platforms including PC, PS5, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. What happens if you have all of those devices, but one pair of these headsets? You would have to physically disconnect it from my every device every time to use it for any other device. Although I was initially let down by this feature, I came to accept it since I was used to connecting my wired headsets to everything else anyways.

When things start to sound too good, you can always equalize it with a price. The HyperX Cloud IIIs are hitting the market at $169.99. Given the experience I have had with them, they have earned their worth. However, that is a steep price and if you’re looking for other expensive peripherals to complete your setup, these will only add to the number. That being said, they make for an amazing investment and have not failed me yet.

To sum it up, this lightweight peripheral stays true to the aesthetic. By cutting the wire, they open up new quality-of-life opportunities along with highly functional advantages. The gaming experience becomes super immersive and comfortably is easily obtained, coupled with the satisfaction of walking around and not being anchored to your console. I have never felt more free. The uni-directional, noise-canceling microphone presents a clear voice, and latency and lag are nowhere to be found. Adding to that, the 120-hour battery life sits perfectly with longer gaming sessions and pain-free listening. It is a testament to an impeccable gaming headset and challenges the biasses of wired peripherals having the upper hand.

Dominique' McClain is an enthusiastic content writer and enjoys all things video games. She's highly obsessed with Lord of the Rings and loves dragons. You can chat with her on Twitter @Dommy_Bomb.



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Overall, these headsets have dethroned my wired ones. The HyperX Cloud III gaming headsets line stayed true to the brand’s design and nothing scathed the quality of the product. They delivered with the Cloud III wireless gaming headphones and stuck the landing. I have never felt like I was floating before, but with these reliable headsets, I am literally on cloud 9.

Dominique' McClain

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