HyperX Cloud Earbuds II Review – An on-the-go audio solution

If you’re a gamer on-the-go, you’re always looking for ways to optimize that ‘mobile’ experience. One of the challenges you may face is audio, since other people don’t want to have to hear what you’re playing, especially if you’re in a tight space such as on a plane. The solution here is obvious: you need a pair of headphones or earbuds. HyperX comes in clutch once again with a new pair of earbuds to take care of your mobile gaming needs.

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II bring high-quality gaming audio with you wherever you go. You can connect the earbuds to whatever device you’re using at the time, whether that’s your mobile phone, wireless controller, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, or tablet. They’re compatible with any device, as long as that device has a place to plug it in (we’re looking at you, Apple). As the earbuds are wired, there’s obviously no extra hassle of syncing or needing to recharge them.

The earbuds are sleek and made with excellent materials, as is the HyperX way. I’ve been a fan of HyperX for years, having first been first introduced to the brand by their HyperX Cloud Core headsets. Quality is the name of the game with everything they do, and the Earbuds II is no exception. The cable, which is a little over 3 feet long, is made so it doesn’t tangle, and it can withstand accidental tugs without worry of fraying the wires inside. The included hard shell carrying case also ensures the earbuds stay safe when stowed away. It’s small enough that it’ll easily fit into the pocket of your jeans, your backpack, or anywhere else.

Physical quality isn’t the only thing that these earbuds do well. The audio from the 14mm drivers is top notch, both for gaming and just listening to music on my phone. The only thing I didn’t get to test out was how it sounded when taking a phone call, because of course, you can do that too with the in-line controls and electret condenser microphone. However, everything so far comes through crisp and clear, easily hitting those deep lows and the highs as well. They’re not noise canceling, which may bother some, but this comes in handy if you need to be able to hear your surroundings, such as at the gym, when using public transportation, or are otherwise out and about.

Each pair of the Earbuds II comes with four sizes of the silicone ear tips for different ear sizes. They’re very easy to switch out and also snap into place, staying well attached to the earbuds. I struggled with finding the right size for my ears, however. The tips either felt like they were too small, so they’d fall out of my ear, or too big, causing slight pain and discomfort over time. It also seemed like one ear wanted a different size than the other. I would have thought it would be the same for both. I guess I just have weird ears. This is just a hassle of earbuds as they don’t always work out for everyone for whatever reason. The design of the ear tips also doesn’t help much as they don’t really catch onto any part of the ear all that well regardless.

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II come with the standard HyperX 2-year warranty, which has always been a positive experience for me whenever I’ve needed to use it. These earbuds also won’t break the bank, coming in at only $39.99 USD.

Cassie Peterson is an Editor for Gaming Trend but also a sporadic content creator and exceedingly average Rainbow Six Siege player. She goes by MzPanik on Twitter and Twitch and all of the gaming platforms.



HyperX Cloud Earbuds II

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The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II are high-quality, wired earbuds designed for mobile gaming. They are compatible with any device with a plug-in, and are made with excellent materials, including a tangle-free, durable cable, and come with a hard shell carrying case. The earbuds deliver top-notch audio, have in-line controls and a microphone for phone calls, and come with four sizes of silicone ear tips, though I still struggled finding the right fit for me.

Cassie Peterson

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