HYPERX Chargeplay Quad 2 review — Quickly charge four Joy-Cons at once with well designed charger

Charging stations are a dime a dozen and differentiating the good from the bad is difficult. Most will get the job done, albeit the charge may be slow and the aesthetic may be off-putting, but ultimately most charging stations, even the cheap ones, will eventually serve their purpose. As for how long they last – well, that’s a different story altogether.

Still, for savvy minded individuals choosing a charging station tends to involve more than finding the cheapest solution. Thought goes into finding an aesthetic that effortlessly blends into your game room or your regular décor and is sturdy enough to withstand being bumped or dropped, while also providing a fast and reliable charge.  Thankfully, the HYPERX Chargeplay Quad 2 checks all of those boxes.

The first thing you’ll notice about the HYPERX Chargeplay Quad 2 is its striking similarity to a Poké Ball sawed in half. That’s not a knock against design, rather the striking red and white allow Quad 2 to stand out, even amidst a room chock full of gaming accessories, while also being subtle enough that it can blend into the background if placed on an entertainment stand shelf. The smart, circular design allows the charger to take up very little shelf space, while still easily holding four Joy-Cons. The second thing you’ll notice – or rather feel – is the quality construction. The Quad 2 is built with a hefty weighted base which helps to lend the product a quality far beyond what you’d expect its $29.99 price tag to provide.

But none of the aesthetics or quality construction matter if the product itself doesn’t fulfill its ultimate purpose. Thankfully the Quad 2 provides a quick and full charge for up to four Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons at once using only a USB-C charger which can hook directly into your Nintendo Switch’s USB port. Set up takes less than a minute and involves merely opening the package, untying the tie wrap around the USB-C cord, and connecting the cord into both the Quad 2 and the Nintendo Switch.

Joy-Cons slide into the charger silently and effortlessly, in the same manner they connect to the sides of the Nintendo Switch. Once attached, the Quad 2 immediately alerts you to the battery status via a pulsating white light located in the middle of the charger. There are four pulsating lights aligned in a circle, one for each Joy-Con, and they operate independently of each other. The bright white light easily allows you to check the status of your charge from across the room, while being inconspicuous enough to not become a distraction as much of the light is smartly hidden by the Joy-Cons themselves when being viewed from a horizontal angle.

I tested the Quad 2 using four Joy-Cons of varying battery levels and found that the charger easily charged all four and the pulsating lights worked perfectly to show me the status of each independently. Total charge time varied, but all were fully charged surprisingly quickly. The Quad 2 has quickly become my go-to Joy-Con charger due to its quick charge, great look and feel, and ease of use.

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HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2 Joy-Con Charging Station

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The HYPERX Chargeplay Quad 2 provides a quick and efficient charge for up to four Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons at once while boasting a look and feel well beyond what you’d expect in the price range. The weighted base ensures that a slight bump will not disturb your charging, while the design effortlessly blends into a game room. Those looking for an effective charger at a reasonable price need look no further.

Richard Allen

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