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Over the last few years, I have noticed a steady decline in my vision; I can’t always read things, even if it’s right in front of me, outlines are blurred, and lights are distorted. It was simply time I accepted that I needed to do something about it. Earlier this year I finally caved and went in for an eye exam for the first time since 2014 where I was told that if I had been trying to get my driver’s license, I wouldn’t have passed the simple vision exam. A couple weeks later, I had my new glasses in hand.

I didn’t like to use them, however. They may have sharpened my vision again, but it was distorted in a new way. My depth perception was completely off, so much so that I refused to wear them while driving. Alongside that, I started having more issues with looking at screens, which is a huge deal given all the screen time I have for work and for GT. There’s always been one company that has come to mind when I think about blue light lens technology, and that’s GUNNAR Optiks. They’ve really changed the game with their line of glasses that filter the blue light from screens, reducing eye strain which, in turn, reduces other complications associated with the eyes. Recently they collaborated with Ubisoft for a special Assassin’s Creed Mirage edition of their Intercept glasses, and they were kind enough to send me a pair to check out. And when I say these glasses are nothing short of an absolute miracle for me, I mean it.

“When asked, nearly six out of 10 American adults report digital eye strain symptoms…” – The Vision Council of America

With our ever-increasing usage of digital devices such as smartphones, computers, and game systems, it’s more important than ever to take into consideration our eye health. Digital devices emit artificial blue light, which can be very harmful to our eyes. Alongside that, it disrupts melatonin production and our circadian rhythm, our natural sleep cycle. GUNNAR Optiks, founded in 2007, is the leading developer of treated eyewear and the only patented gaming and computer eyewear recommended by doctors. Their patented lens technology addresses all of the short and long-term side effects associated with digital eye strain, including headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, eye strain and fatigue, and more.

From the moment I put on my Assassin’s Creed Mirage Intercept glasses, I was in awe. The impact was immediate. The first thing I felt, literally, was my eyes relaxing as the amber tint on the lenses did its work. I was at work, where my workstation has a triple-monitor setup, when I first tried them on, and I’m not lying when I say, it almost brought a tear to my eye. Up until that point, I had been getting major headaches while wearing my original prescription lenses, but I worked an entire shift with the Intercept glasses, which matched my prescription, and after eight straight hours, my eyes felt alive! It was the first time in the last few years that my eyes didn’t hurt, they weren’t tired, and I wasn’t crashing from a headache.

I had always been skeptical about trying GUNNAR Optiks, especially given the price tag associated with some of the glasses. They had always been on my radar from hearing some of my favorite creators promote them, but I just couldn’t get myself to take the leap. I was lucky to be gifted a pair of blue light filtering glasses from a friend a while back, but all they did was make me doubt even more as I still struggled so much. This was before I’d done my eye exam, so most of the trouble can likely be attributed to them not being prescription, but I’d almost sworn off trying again entirely. I’m glad I finally took that chance with GUNNAR Optiks, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to check these glasses out. Thank you GUNNAR Optiks!

Like I said, these glasses are a collaboration between GUNNAR Optiks and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage, so these glasses are not only the best thing my eyes have ever seen through, they’re also pretty cool looking. The precision engineered polymer frame’s design is inspired by the artwork of the game. They follow the same indigo and sand color scheme that’s prominent in the game, which some say is a nod to Prince of Persia. A silhouette of Basim’s eagle companion, Enkidu, can be seen on the inside of the right arm (temple) and the game’s title and ‘Intercept’ are printed on the inside of the left arm.

The frame is held together by sturdy, multi-barrel hinges. Compared to the style of my other prescription glasses, these don’t feel like they’re going to break whenever I’m putting them on. The polymer frames also feel durable enough, though I still treat them with the most caution I can. The lens tint on these glasses is 65, meaning they block out 65% of blue light at 450nm and 100% of UV light, which I noticed while on a drive recently where I forgot I had my GUNNARs on. No need for sunglasses or transition lenses (which is an available option, by the way), all I need are these glasses, and maybe a hat, and I’m all set. The G-Shield lens coating also makes these glasses anti-reflective (another handy feature for being on the computer often), smudge resistant, and oleophobic (they repel oils, like those on the skin). I will say that they aren’t 100% smudge resistant or oleophobic, but compared to my other glasses, they are a huge improvement.

Aside from my soon-to-be-dispelled fears of the glasses not working out for my eyes, the other fear I had was the fit. I typically prefer metal-framed glasses with the nose pads that extend a little more from the frames, like the Apex and Mendocino styles on the GUNNAR website. I usually find them to be more comfortable. The Intercept surprised me by being infinitely more comfortable than my other glasses. The lens width is 58mm, nose is 17mm, frames are 133mm, and the arms are 135mm, and they weigh only 33 grams. I put them on and almost forget that I’m even wearing them. They’re also much more practical for wearing a headset as the arms sit flat against my head and don’t move when I put the headset on, which is a literal game-changer as I’ve often opted out of wearing glasses while gaming due to the discomfort I normally experience. The only time I ever have any issues is if I’ve been on a marathon gaming session with a headset on as the very ends of the arms towards the back of my head do start to cause some pain and discomfort.

Included with every purchase of these glasses is a glasses case, microfiber pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a 12-month warranty if your glasses become defective. For these Assassin’s Creed Mirage Intercept glasses, the case, pouch, and cleaning cloth all feature artwork from the game. The pouch especially is a great addition as I don’t have space to carry around the case for these glasses (I’m not one of those who carries around a large purse, it’s too much). I keep a couple of cleaning cloths inside the pouch for quick on-the-go cleaning, which I have become a little bit obsessive about; any tiny spec I see on these lenses is immediately attended to.

The issue of cost came up earlier, and we’ll address it again here. They are no more or less expensive than getting any other prescription lenses. Though the non-prescription lenses are still going to run you $84.99 (+tax), you’re paying for all of the other incredible benefits of blue light filtering lenses. Believe me, these glasses will make a huge difference for the vision impaired AND those with perfect eyesight when looking at screens for long periods of time. While obviously the experience will not be the same for everyone, everyone will still benefit in some way from using these glasses. The addition of your prescription will see the price increase to $234.99 for single vision, $334.99 for progressive, and up to $434.99 if you decide to add transitions on top of that ($334.99 for single vision). That being said, GUNNAR Optiks prescription lenses are also covered by most major vision insurance providers, including EyeMed (my provider), so pair up with them if you want to snag yourself a pair.

I’ve been using these glasses for a few weeks now, and I never fail to be impressed with the experience. I’ve started wearing them regularly, even while driving, and the difference they have made in my day-to-day life is huge. There’s no mirage here. These glasses are the real deal.

Cassie Peterson is an Editor for Gaming Trend but also a sporadic content creator and exceedingly average Rainbow Six Siege player. She goes by MzPanik on Twitter and Twitch and all of the gaming platforms.



GUNNAR Optiks Assassin's Creed Mirage Intercept

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I never thought I could experience anything close to perfect vision again, and then I was introduced to these glasses. My eyes have never felt better, even after hours and hours of screen time, and they fit perfectly, resulting in little to no pain or discomfort. The added benefit of vision insurance coverage makes these glasses a given for anyone who’s looking for their next pair of protective daily eyewear. On top of all that, the partnership with Ubisoft has led to a stellar design for the intercept glasses, making it a must-have for Assassin’s Creed fans.

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