GRAMS28 Laptop Sling review – An almost perfect piece of luxury

There’s something about leather that just hits in a different way than a lot of other materials. Maybe it’s the feeling of luxury associated with it, or maybe it’s because it looks great and feels even better.

GRAMS28 knows this, as they’ve designed all their products to be covered in leather — from City Slings and City Packs to cardholders, watchbands, and even phone cases. Leather is a luxury item, and with it of course comes the added costs. That being said: if it’s not practical, it’s not useful — and when that comes to bags that’s even more relevant.

I’ve reviewed the City Sling and the City Pack and one issue I had with them was the sizing. If you wanted to go to college, university, work, or somewhere else entirely, you’d want to use a bag that not only looks good but can cover your working needs.

Unfortunately, while they were great bags with a lot of love being put into their design, they just missed out on a higher review score because you couldn’t fit much more than an 11-inch iPad in them both. GRAMS28 has since released their Laptop Sling, and I was extremely excited to get my hands on one – after all, would the sizing issue be the last thing they’d need to solve for me to suggest they’ve made a perfect bag?

The Laptop Sling is beautiful, just as all their bags seem to be. The pebbled leather is fantastic, the interior fabric is soft and smooth to the touch, hell even the zipper pulls have a strip of leather attached to them.

This bag is leather, pure luxury, and it’s truly beautiful. GRAMS28 definitely keeps their design philosophy very similar across all of their bags (or at least the ones we’ve gotten our hands on) of luxury and desire intertwining with purpose.

The bag’s strap seems to be made of the same tightly woven material as the bags in our other review, which seems to help prevent slashing and cutting for added security – although the large strip of leather is not present, so you don’t have any added padding while the bag hangs from your shoulder.

That’s a bit disappointing because if there was ever a bag for you to add more peripherals or heavy items, this would be the one.

There’s also a large increase in space. I can absolutely fit my Dell Latitude 5320 13.3” laptop without any issue whatsoever (and GRAMS28 states it can fit up to a 14” laptop), but I can’t fit my LG Ultra PC — a 16”, 16:10 laptop. Take that as you will, but it’s something worth noting in case you’re looking to put a gaming laptop in there as they tend to be quite massive.

There’s also a thick amount of padding where the laptop resides, giving you added protection and more peace of mind. After all, you’ve just spent nearly $400 USD on it, and the last thing you’d want is for any of your bagged items to be damaged.

This brings me to my next point, stealing. The other thing that this bag truly benefits from is its secret pocket or, at least, its very small, inconspicuous pocket — one designed to hold an AirTag or SmartTag just for that added bit of security. If someone just stole this bag from you they’ll be going through it quickly, opening any pockets that are in direct line of sight.

With the Laptop Sling, every single pocket is in line of sight, except one very small one that’s designed to camouflage against the rest of the inner material. It’s a genius design, one that I didn’t realize existed until I started writing this review.

Speaking of pockets, holy moly there are so many. There’s one in the back and front, a large inside (not including the one for your laptop) with three pockets within it, a long pocket best suited for keys and coins, an elastic pocket on either side and two medium-sized pockets. Even the interior leather information tag is a pocket. You can fit cables, cords, documents, keys, a wallet, jewelry, controllers, handheld game consoles — the list goes on. It’s a bag for anyone, no matter their use case.

This bag is truly amazing. Although it’s on the high-end for pricing, it also comes with a massive sense of luxury attributed to it via its dark Italian pebbled leather, its sleek, timeless design, and its meticulously integrated design principle of purpose and beauty. The lack of leather for shoulder padding on the strap and its limit of a 14” laptop might as well be the only negatives. However, if you’re interested in a beautifully designed piece of luxury, and those issues are non-issues for you, this would be the bag to get.

With a deep interest in writing, Ben followed that into a Journalism degree. As an avid lover for gaming, he is constantly expanding his library with console, PC, and VR games. He's obsessed with stealth games and loves hunting down the smallest of details inserted by devs.




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This is a gorgeous bag. It’s large enough to fit a 14” laptop or a Nintendo Switch without issue, as well as giving you enough padding to protect your devices. With plenty of interior space, as well as just looking incredible through GRAMS28’s use of Italian pebbled leather, this might be the bag for you.

Ben Lombardo

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