Gimme That review — Haha, you thought you could count to 100 didn’t you? FOOL

I absolutely love chaos. An ability to consistently draw blood has always been a good indication I would love a game, and boy does this little box have some fangs. Welcome to Gimme That! 3-8 players are given a sheet with ten rows of ten potatoes, and tasked with the simple job of counting all 100. Counting must be clearly marked with a pencil, but there’s only one pencil! Yup… that’s it.

Aaaaaand Count! While the pencil holder starts furiously scribbling, the player to the left of the pencil holder rolls a single six sided die. One side shows clapping hands and upon rolling, the roller announces, “high five,” and everyone except the pencil holder must high five. A fist bump icon means the same but with a fist bump. The potato masher icon also means the same except the non pencil holders must pound the table. Upon rolling the “left” side, all players, including the pencil holder, slide their sheets to the player on their left. The two remaining sides of the die show pencils. Upon rolling a pencil, the roller shouts, “GIMME THAT,” and swipes the pencil for themselves. Quickly, players will discover that chaos and panic are not very conducive to accuracy. This game had me in tears, as every time a left was rolled, someone would look at their new sheet and yell something like, “What Is This!” Witness this beauty. My favorite is the 19.

After each roll, the die is passed to the player on the left of the roller, and play continues until someone has successfully recorded all 100 potatoes on their sheet. Games usually last 10-15 minutes and by the end of that short duration, players are usually sweaty, exhausted, and sometimes bleeding. But don’t worry, Gimme That’s complimentary potato stickers will patch ‘em right up.

If Gimme That sounds like a game you would hate, you probably will. If dumb chaos sounds right up your alley, you’re going to have a good time, or at east, a few good times. The first two times I played Gimme That I cried from stomach punching laughter. After the gimmick wore off, I didn’t find myself wanting to play Gimme That, but I still had a good time when I did. Here’s some tips to maximize the Gimme That experience. Ideally, play with a round table where everyone has a chance of reaching the pencil, especially if you use a house rule where anyone can grab the pencil once it’s rolled, and I recommend you do. Long rectangular tables are a little awkward as players on the opposite long ends will have to wait for the pencil to come near before they have a chance of swiping it.

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Gimme That

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If you would like to prove to your friends that they, in fact, cannot count to 100, this game is for you. If you enjoy laughing so hard you can’t breathe as tears stream down your cheeks, this game is for you. It’s absolutely stupid, and I love it. I give Gimme That a starchy 132/100 potatoes.

Ellis Zimmerman

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