FlexiSpot G7 Gaming Desk review — So much room for activities!

Whether it is for work or play, a good desk can really make a difference. Sure you can work at the kitchen table even just plop your laptop right onto your lap but for me, having a nice designated surface enhances my productivity. I have been using the FlexiSpot G7 Gaming Desk for a few months now and it has a lot to offer.

The G7 is really just a new gaming focused top surface that rides on the excellent E7 Pro frame. We’ve actually already reviewed the E7 Pro and Ron Burke did a fantastic job going over every detail. Since the only difference is the top surface and I can’t say it any better than him, check out his review here, then come back.

What makes a desk a gaming desk? Well I’m glad you asked. The G7 surface is covered in a smooth coating that has reflective material in it that turns the entire surface into a mousepad. I can’t tell you the number of games I have lost due to my mouse falling off the side of a tiny mousepad. Sure you can get one of those huge mouse pads, but in my experience they get super gross and dirty really fast. All you have to do with the G7 is wipe it down and you’re back in business. I use a Logitech G203 mouse and it glides effortlessly across the G7. There is absolutely no catching or stuttering. With 60”x27” of surface there is more than enough room to swing your mouse around for those juicy flicks in Counter Strike.

FlexiSpot has designed this desk with comfort in mind. If you are going to be sitting somewhere for hours at a time, you don’t want sharp corners digging into your arms or a slightly uncomfortable height forcing you to sit awkwardly. The front of the G7 has a gentle curve that lets you get slightly closer to your screens and it is generously beveled. The bevel makes for a smooth transition from chair arms to desk without any sharp edges. It’s really comfortable. The rear has a cutout to funnel your cables towards the cable tray underneath. At an inch thick, it’s incredibly sturdy. Especially combined with the already robust E7 Pro frame. Speaking of the E7 Pro frame, really go read Ron’s review, the smooth and fast electric adjustment makes it very easy to adjust to your perfect height.

Assembly follows the same instructions as the E7 Pro, so I will point back to Ron’s review again here. The only thing to note is that the desktop shipped separately from a different manufacturer than the base and the bolt/screw holes did not all line up. The leg holes are in the correct pattern but I had to drill some new holes for the cross piece. If you have a drill, it’s not a big deal, but something you should be aware of.

If you’d like to check out the G7 for yourself. You can find it here.

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FlexiSpot G7 Gaming Desk

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If you’re a gamer and in the market for a beefy desk with adjustable height, look no further. The E7 Pro has some nice wood top options but the G7 looks great in all black and the whole surface “mousepad” means you’ll never die from another mousepad mishap again.

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