Blood Bowl 3 review – the ultimate fantasy football meets a game of violence and mayhem

Blood Bowl 3
Blood Bowl 3

Blood Bowl III turns the traditional American football game on its head with a fantasy twist and hilariously brutal football action. Forget the rules; this is a game about excessive violence and rule-breaking! Blood Bowl III combines strategic gameplay with gory, satisfying battles in an alternate Warhammer universe populated with fantasy elements. With its deep tactics and intense gameplay, Blood Bowl III will surely provide an unforgettable experience for turn-based strategy game enthusiasts. It evencaters to gamers who aren’t particularly fond of traditional sports games. So get ready to unleash your inner beast and crush your opponents with bone-crunching tackles and epic touchdowns!

Strategy Meets Brutality in Turn-Based Gameplay

Push your luck

Push your luck

To describe the gameplay in a nutshell, it all boils down to violence and tactics. Be brutal, knock out your opponents, and score touchdowns.

Blood Bowl 3 is a turn-based American football video game adapted from the Blood Bowl miniatures game. It delivers a fantasy theme that builds upon the Warhammer settings and lore. Playing Blood Bowl brings to mind turn-based strategy and RPG games. American football games with turn-based tactics differ significantly from your usual battle games.

Most actions are decided by dice rolls, given their context determined by players’ stats and positioning. Trying to move when close to your opponents, for example, triggers Dodge rolls. Moving into tricky or further away positions triggers Rush rolls. Special dice are used when blocking or trying to knock down an opponent. You gain extra dice if you have good stats or other team members are adjacent to the opponent to assist you. Positioning your players wisely may force your rival to dodge and roll dice during their rounds. As a rule of thumb, avoid rolling dice as much as possible, because even though you have a limited number of re-rolls, once they are over, you risk failing a dice roll and finishing your round early by triggering a “turnover.”

Get ready to rumble!

Get ready to rumble!

A touchdown is scored when the ball is taken into the opponent’s end zone. A team can win either by scoring the most touchdowns or violently eliminating the other team’s entire roster. Make your lineup and choose your strategies, but remember that winning and losing are irrelevant. It’s the mayhem and carnage that matter!

The game features plenty of single-player, local, and online multiplayer modes. Everything is highly customizable: gameplay, players’ stats and skills, stadiums, managers, cheerleaders, brand, and other game elements. As you progress through the game, you unlock goodies and develop your teams.

On top of being revamped and redesigned for the current generation almost eight years after 2015’s Blood Bowl 2, the most significant difference in Blood Bowl 3 is that it uses the most recently updated Blood Bowl Second Edition ruleset.

Review – A Gore Feast That Will Please Bloodlust Game Fans



Blood Bowl 3 has significant depth, and the learning curve is steep. Unfortunately, only the basics are covered in the tutorial. If this is your first Blood Bowl game, you might feel lost and confused among various game modes, team-building options, and gameplay strategies.

We recommend that you create your first team using the balanced option (to avoid choosing and customizing each team member) and start playing in campaign mode. This will deliver matches with increasing difficulty levels as you progress. Most of the learning happens through trial and error, watching and taking in the AI strategies, and studying “how to play” in online articles and videos. As Blood Bowl 3 rules are based on Blood Bowl Second Edition, the miniature game, you will find plenty of online reference content for the tabletop game that can help you learn more about the game’s strategic elements.



While it is easy to get misled into thinking that Blood Bowl 3 is similar to American football or other turn-based games, those would be inaccurate comparisons. Blood Bowl 3 stands out as a unique game with all its graphic violence and distinctive gameplay mechanics.

Blood Bowl is a challenging game, and some beginners may quit out of frustration because of the nature of the beast. The key to success is research and practice. Seek guidance if you’re struggling, take a break if necessary, and remember that you are playing for fun. Focusing on the basics early rather than winning is critical, as consistency in executing the basics will eventually lead to victory. Remember that the more dice you roll, the more likely the chance of failure. Hence, it’s wise to be cautious while pushing opponents to roll as many dice as possible.

If you are a newcomer to Blood Bowl, it may take some effort to play and familiarize yourself with the game’s tactics before you make your first touchdown, but it will definitely be worth the effort. Your first win should arrive soon, and it’s deserving of celebration! As the game progresses, you will understand the importance of positioning your players, moving cautiously to prevent missing the ball, getting aggressive on defense to steal the ball from your adversary, and so on.

The art of blocking

The art of blocking

Bloodbowl’s most important lesson to master is blocking and violently injuring your opponent. The more players you knock out, the harder it is for your competitor to outmaneuver you. You can even win a match by knocking out every opposition player. So take your time to master how to trap your opponent and violently deliver unbeatable blows. You will seriously disrupt your rival’s plans.

The single-player campaign consists of a story mode. It is the right spot to build your skills while engaging in an entertaining background story. It starts with an obligatory tutorial, which should have been optional as it adds little further than the game basics. The campaign itself works as a better practice ground to help you get the hang of the game.

As typical of sports games, extended matches do not lend themselves to quick and casual gameplay. Fortunately, this can be mitigated by tweaking the numerous match options. Blood Bowl 3 demands commitment to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience, however. Cutting corners will result in poor outcomes, so you should avoid shortcuts.

Randomness is inherent to the game, based on dice rolls to determine action results. Sometimes it can inevitably be discouraging, and luck’s unpredictable nature makes it a challenge to overcome. As much as it’s essential to accept the unpredictable nature of the game, it’s also crucial to enjoy the thrill that comes from playing it. Despite the importance of luck and strategy, one should not overlook the joy of violence.

The visuals are nothing short of spectacular; it’s a gore feast that will please bloodthirsty game fans. In-game animations are outstanding, stylish, and exhilarating. If you are playing the campaign, the stunning cutscenes are an absolute delight; they are definitely worth watching. The game has a sense of lightheartedness with the typical over-the-top Warhammer humor. It prides itself on not taking itself too seriously, which balances out its challenging nature. The visual presentation also excels with intuitive menus and plenty of customization options during gameplay to conveniently provide helpful information. The audio and soundtrack complement the game’s theme, but nothing is special about them. While matches’ live commentary has plenty of sports satire, it feels generic and repetitive. You will quickly forget that it is there in the background.

Don't drop the ball!

Don’t drop the ball!

Depending on your preferences, Blood Bowl 3 can be either frustrating or exciting. If you belong to the latter group, the game offers high replay value, with plenty of in-game content, fully customizable teams, and character development options. Online and local multiplayer modes are also available. Online games are almost exclusively for those who have mastered the game. You must be prepared for fierce competition against skilled players who may have invested significant time in online matches. Alternatively, you can play against your friends, which should provide a more balanced experience.

It is easy to spend tens of hours playing the game; each match is unique, and you will be tempted to return for more.

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Blood Bowl 3

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The game is rather complex, with plenty of ins and outs to uncover and learn. It is undoubtedly challenging for newbies and can be overwhelming at first. However, you will eventually figure it out if you give the game a chance and don't get discouraged immediately. Once you get the gist of it, matches are engaging and gratifying, and you will be compelled to play over and over again.Blood Bowl 3 is not yet another turn-based RPG or rogue-like deck-building game. It is a rare mix of turn-based fantasy strategy and sports that requires relentless dedication. However, its significant emphasis on turn-based strategy, its fantasy theme, its Warhammer setting, and its extensive use of gore and violence may intrigue gamers who may not enjoy sports games at first but love tabletop-inspired games. Whatever the case, Blood Bowl 3 is worth trying; you may discover a rich, thrilling game that stands out with its bloodlust.

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