We uncovered the secrets of Astro’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild themed A10 Headset at E3 2018

Earlier this month, news came out that Astro and Nintendo were teaming up to make a special Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild themed wired headset. At E3 2018, we were given a chance to check out the headset and all of the secrets it holds in its chest.

Immediately, we noticed that the design for the Breath of the Wild themed headset went for subtle look over a flashy, LED-filled design. Instead of having character designs on the tags, there is a golden-outlined Master Sword running through a Z with Sheikah-slate inspired designs running through the removable tags. There are also golden Sheikah Glyphs running along the sides of the adjustable arm when extended. The design on the headset, just like The Legend of Zelda, is full of secrets to find.

Astro's Breath of the Wild Headset has high durability

The headset isn’t just eye candy. The speakers are surrounded by memory foam that are comfortable as they block out outside sound. It’s also incredibly durable: We watched as Thadeous Cooper folded and twisted the headset, not causing anything to snap. The sound quality is also promised to be 40 mm for the earphones.

The Breath of the Wild inspired headset is based on the A10 model that was released last year. That model is Astro’s first headset priced under $100 and it was just as durable as this one is. This version comes with something the original release model did not: a splitter with the Nintendo Switch.

For Nintendo’s online service, they require their first party games to go through the official app for voice chat. In order to hear both in-game audio and voice chat through the headphones, Astro is including a Zelda-themed splitter that plugs into your phone, the Nintendo Switch, and your headset.

Astro’s Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild won’t be the juggernaut the A40 is, but it will be a great, cheaper headset for anyone wanting to sport the Zelda style. It will be released later this year. For more hands-on coverage from E3 2018, stay tuned to Gaming Trend.

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