We played Destiny 2 on a high-end PC, and here’s everything we can show you

Glorious, glorious pixels

Destiny 2 has been out for over a month now, but those wishing to play on PC are still waiting to get their hands on Bungie’s latest chapter in their shared-world shooter saga. Gaming Trend was recently invited to Bungie HQ to check out Destiny 2 as it exists in its beautiful form on PC, which players will get a chance to start enjoying tomorrow. We’ll have more details to follow when Destiny 2 officially launches for the PC, and we have a chance to test it on live servers, but for now, here’s what we’re able to share:

Destiny 2 PC - Utopia story mission (4K 60+FPS)

Destiny 2 PC - 30 minutes of patrolling Nessus (4K 60+FPS)

Destiny 2 PC - The Pyramidion strike (4K 60+FPS)

Destiny 2 PC - 25 minutes of Crucible (4K 60+FPS)

This footage has been optimized for 4K and 60 FPS (frames per second). For best viewing, you’ll want to watch this on a screen that can display it at a high resolution.

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