Unboxing the Xbox One X — Unleashing the Scorpion

The Xbox One X is just around the corner, and we’ve gotten our eager hands on one. It’s time to excitedly unbox this powerful system and see what’s in store for all of you when it ships on November 7th.

The first thing I noticed is that the system is decidedly smaller than the launch Xbox One. I never upgraded to the Xbox One S, so I can’t show you that one to compare, but I do know that it’s mere millimeters larger than last year’s updated platform. The second thing I noticed was the physical eject button, nestled right next to the front-facing USB port. Gone are the days of accidentally pressing the touch button, turning on the system, and gone are the days of trying to access a difficult-to-see port on the side of the system. Two more ports are nestled on the rear of the system, alongside the pair of HDMI ports. Like the Xbox One S, the platform still contains an HDMI-in to allow the tight integration of external platforms like cable boxes and sidecars like the NVIDIA Shield.

We’ll be talking at great length about what’s under the hood, but as we fire this powerful platform up to pick up all of these game updates, it’s good to see that Microsoft’s approach to having the “all-in-one games and entertainment system” hasn’t changed. Check out this unboxing video ahead of our full hands-on review on November 3rd. Stay tuned, it’s about to be awesome.

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