Unboxing the new NACON Revolution 5 Pro controller for PS5, PS4, and PC

With Modern Warfare III around the corner, it might be time to grab a new controller. Maybe you want to take a stab at going pro, or maybe you’ve just worn your current one out. After all, stick drift is a real issue. NACON has a solution for you with the Revolution 5 Pro, one of the first PS5 controllers I’ve seen to have Hall Effect sticks, which reduce drift. We’ve gotten our hands on one for unboxing, check that out below and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming written review. Buy yours now right here.

NACON Revolution 5 Pro Controller Unboxing for PS5, PS4, and PC

The Revolution 5 Pro is the result of years of research as well as constant discussion with players and professional gamers about previous NACON controllers. The result is a unique controller for players in terms of design, ergonomics, comfort, precision and technical innovation. Among the new features is Hall Effect technology which allows for greater precision, with the joysticks and triggers, as well as a very long service life. The entire controller has also been designed with environmental responsibility in mind. The ability to repair and replace key components was a prerequisite during the initial design phase.

Compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC*, used wired or wireless, the officially licensed Revolution 5 Pro is the perfect ally for competitive gamers who require high performance. As well as being fully customizable to suit every player, the controller can be used more than 10 hours before recharging. An additional benefit for gamers is that it connects to wireless headphones via Bluetooth as well as wired headsets via the included 3.5mm jack.

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