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One of the amazing things about The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx is the veritable host of guest NPCs based on real people who have made an impact on the TTRPG space and even folks who worked with Gary Gygax to make Dungeons & Dragons in the early days. Gooeycube has shared with us a handful of these special guests, along with more information about the characters they represent:

Roll for Sandwich / Jacob Pauwels / Rolph R. Sandvich

Rolph, a Blood-Touched Human, is the proprietor of the Gray Hawk Inn within Etholmm. The Inn is popular with the retired adventurers in Etholmm. He is most knowledgeable about the lives of those who live in the village and is a great source of information about intriguing events in and around the village.

Professor Dungeon Master / Dan DeFazio / Dan the Didactic

Dan is a well-regarded sage in Etholmm known for his knowledge in magical history. He owns a library full of fascinating tomes, which is open to those who wish to use them for research. (He features prominently in the Ghost Stone adventure (levels 4-6) as the quest-giver, sending the adventurers off on a mission to find the Ghost Stone, hidden in the vampire lair, Crovenloft Estate)

Ed Greenwood / Rirandral the Bard

A seasoned adventurer, Rirandral retired to Etholmm – a village popular with retiring adventurers. He has lost none of his bardic spirit and remains lively in his old age, still playing at the Gray Hawk Inn. (Note: Ed will be writing a 1st level adventure called “A Trouble With Rats” as a Kickstarter stretch goal)

Luke Gygax / Lukasz Gyzaengaxx

Lukasz is a veteran soldier, having served 30 years in the Vanzentean military. He has recently returned to his hometown, the village of Etholmm. To his dismay, he found that his father, Garold Gyzaengaxx, has not been seen for some time, and his father’s tower-keep was completely unapproachable due to the magical wards and traps in place. Lukasz wishes to find out the fate of his father, and seeks aid in delving into the mysteries of the tower-keep known now as… The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx.

Bouchra, Miriam, Amira, and Sabrina / Bausheera, Myriaam, Aymiraa, and Sa’abrine Gyzaengaxx

Lukasz’ family is formidable in their own right. Bausheera became a Cleric after many years as a warrior, her experiences turning her toward the healing arts after having seen so much suffering. Her focus is on her family, as well as serving their community. Myriaam is the eldest of the three daughters of Lukasz and Bausheera at 16 years old and is a tinkerer with aspirations of becoming a great Artificiter one day. Aymiraa, who is 12 years old, has been learning the Druidic arts, and is happiest when wandering the wilderness and communing with nature with her faithful lizard companion. Finally, Sa’abrine, at 10 years old, also enjoys the wilds, but is taking a different path to Aymiraa, though they still often study together. She wishes to become a Paladin one day in order to protect the natural world.

Garold Gyzaengaxx

Garold is, or was, an arch-mage of some fame, who built a tower-keep a short distance from the village of Etholmm, atop a most fearful dungeon, which he shares some strange connection with. There, he lived a quiet life, conducting many magical experiments. However, he disappeared at some point, leading the villagers of Etholmm to concoct many rumors about him and his home, which was unapproachable. Most people believe that Garold is dead, having been killed by an experiment gone wrong, or perhaps something from the dungeon…

Many more legends old and new will be featured in The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx and The Environs of Gyzaengaxx, including Larry Elmore as Elrod the Red, Peter Adkison as Pater “Hoss” Wayzocost, Erol Otis as Ultoreos the Mage, Mike Carr as Carmichael the Cleric, David “Zeb” Cook as Zebber Clayfoot-Tok, Kelsey Dionne as Kelsa Dane, Skip Williams as Wulf, Penny Williams as Grandma Kit, and from the mind of Margaret Weis, Archibald Fox. Plus, many more!

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