Teamwork makes the dream work in the Trove: Geode E3 2018 preview

Explore a whole new world in the new expansion coming to Trove when Geode is released later this month! Players will have the ability to explore caves, mine for resources, and play a brand new Bomber Royale mode.

For those previously unfamiliar with the game, Trove is a free-to-play online MMO that is a voxel based game, giving it a cute Minecraft-esque look. The game is bright and fun, allowing you to explore dungeons with friends and get some sweet loot along the way.

While Trove already has some great combat options, the new expansion Geode offers a new, noncompetitive mode that is all about exploring and adventuring.

Geode expands the Trove universe by introducing an entirely new planet (previously, the game has entirely taken place on the planet of Trove). The pebbles of Geode are under attack from the nefarious Q‘bthulhu ( pronounced Cute-thulu, which I couldn’t help but laugh at when I heard it aloud). Because the Pebbles don’t know how to fight back against Q‘bthulhu’s shadows, they’ve enlisted the help of the Trovians. However, the Trovians aren’t prepared for the coming battle, so they first need to spend time harvesting resources to upgrade all of their items,which is where the adventuring and exploring comes into play.

Gameplay in this first phase of Geode mainly consists of exploring these caves, full of various resources that you can find. Harvesting these various resources will give you the ability to upgrade your tools and armor,both increasing your ability to harvest and preparing you for the coming war.

This Geode expansion is part of a three-pronged event coming up. Later in the year, the surface will open up and you’ll be able to fight the shadows. Then, eventually you’ll be able to face off against Q‘bthulhu yourself!

In order to embrace the noncompetitive nature of Geode, the developers have made it so anything that benefits you will also benefit people in the area. This way, you don’t have to fight over who gets those gems hiding in the corner; instead, you can build each other up and work together.

Because the mode is not combative, movement is a huge part of the game. There are gems (the main resource in Geode) in difficult to reach spots across the caves, which you can reach with the use of your rocket boots. Some of them will require some creative movement, so it will be a fun challenge within this mode.

There are also little creatures who are cold, hurt, or hungry, and you can help them out. If it’s shivering, throw a blanket on it to warm it up, and he’ll dance with happiness as soon as he’s warm, and reward you with some resources. Some of these creatures are small and weird looking, while others are absolutely adorable–but they all need your help.

In addition, Trove: Geode also offers the new game mode: Bomber Royale. This is inspired by the influx of Battle Royale modes in the gaming world right now, but with its own fun twist. Instead of traditional shooters, Bomber Royale has you shoot–you guessed it–bombs! These bombs bounce once before they explode, so aiming isn’t quite as precise. Instead, you shoot and hope. There are special power-ups available throughout each game (for example, giving you the ability to turn an area into lava). While in traditional Battle Royale modes, the play area will get smaller over time due to a storm or something similar, Bomber Royale has parts of the map simply start disappearing block by block. If you’re on the outskirts of the map and the land you’re standing on disappears, you’ll fall to your death (sorry not sorry).

Overall, Trove: Geode is a cute and lovely expansion that adds new depth and gameplay to the world of Trove. It is currently available to play in the Public Test Server, and will be widely released on June 26th. Stay tuned for more E3 coverage here on Gaming Trend.

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