Talking to the Creator of Critters & Companions: system neutral fantasy animals

Roleplaying games often overlook the value of wildlife, presenting them as combat encounters first and integrated into a setting’s logic second. I spoke with Pearse Anderson about his project Critters & Companions, a setting neutral RPG supplement focused on bringing weird creatures to the forefront of adventures or setting elements. The project recently successfully funded, and is reaching for its stretch goals to enhance art and content.


The supplement is primarily composed of the creatures themselves, weird creatures of all types that are sure to leave an impact wherever they are found. The two page spread suggest basic stats, but include helpful ways their biologies and behaviors would integrate into a setting, rounding them out with adventure hooks and useful facts.


The remainder of Critters & Companions discusses your settings biome in general, delving into seasonal changes and agriculture as part of a set of tools to quickly and intuitively make your world breathe. The art is suggestive of adventure in a new land, where the customs are as distinct as they are alien. Each animal is as plausible as it is fantastical, and the resources on hand can easily add some life to your table.

Critters and Companions is on Kickstarter now. With just under two weeks there is still time to check this project out and see how far it can go.

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