Sweet nostalgia — Sugarfina’s Super Mario Bros. candy collection

Retro gaming has never tasted sweeter! Today Sugarfina released a new line of candies featuring graphics and flavors inspired by Super Mario Bros. This delicious collection features cubes full of candy hiding inside custom designed Bento Boxes masquerading as the Nintendo Entertainment System console and controller. Ever the P2, Luigi was banished to a seperate ? Box, but is no less delicious.

The packaging for this limited-edition set comes with nostalgic coin-and-mushroom patterns lining the inside of the box, and the NES even plays the victory tune from the end of each Mario level, complete with firework “pa-too” sounds each time you open it. Each type candy comes individually packaged in their own case, have the official seal of a Nintendo licensed product, and we were lucky enough to get to try all six flavors while at San Diego Comic-Con:

  • Mario Invincible Stars – Star-shaped gummies filled with fresh pineapple flavor & extra super power
  • Luigi Green Mushrooms – Juicy, apple-flavored gummies shaped like mushrooms to give you life
  • Peach Princess Pearls – Tiny milk chocolate droplets coated in a delicate sugar shell, in shimmery pink and white
  • Bowser Chocolate Eggs – Fluffy vanilla marshmallows dipped in creamy milk chocolate and a crunchy candy shell
  • Toad Red Mushrooms – Cute & cheerful mushroom-shaped gummies bursting with cherry flavor
  • Goomba Chocolate Caramels – Rich and creamy caramels dipped in superfine dark chocolate with just a kiss of sea salt

You can find photos of the candies and packaging above, but you’ll have to head on over to the Sugarfina website if you want to taste these goodies for yourself. Fortunately, they’re out now, with individual flavors starting at $7.50, though bundles range from $50 to $70, and allow you to mix, match, and package your treats.

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