Simplicity with lots of personality — Emotional Intelligence PAX Unplugged preview

One of many games Gaming Trend had the opportunity to experience at Pax Unplugged was Emotional Intelligence: A Personality Deduction Game from Hawberry Games. We sat down with Julie Chen for a hands-on demo of the game and a close look at what looks to be an exciting and promising challenge of deduction.

In Emotional Intelligence, players take on the roles of different Meyers-Briggs personality type characters. Throughout the game a player poses questions to the other players and based on their answers gather enough information to accurately guess which character they are playing as. For the most part the questions are simple like “Netflix or Youtube” or “Card Games or Board Games”. These questions are the driving force behind the game and based on how a person feels about questions they may guide you towards their character or the opposite identity.

Emotional Intelligence offers simplicity through components, and understanding. There are cards, some pads of paper, and dice, keeping the component list small allows them to have better quality components which is what Julie and Hawberry Games have done. In my time getting to demo the game, there were clearly many laughs to be had, and a good time for anyone looking to have fun with a deduction style game. Learning how others think, and figuring out the other players character/personality type is a fun experience that is unique and ultimately challenging, but in a good way.

Emotional Intelligence is on Kickstarter right now, and is without a doubt a fun and exciting game that backers will have a blast playing, and playtimes should be relatively easy to squeeze in on those days players just want something relaxed and easy to play. Overall Emotional Intelligence has a lot of personality.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page below to learn more about the game and track its progress:

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