Perfectionism Meets Chaos: Wreckfest Hands On

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Wreckfest can easily be described as Forza meets Demolition Derby. I had the chance to get my hands on the game at E3, and it was a destruction filled doozy.

Wreckfest, from Bugbear Entertainment, has all the hallmarks of a good racing game—interesting courses based on real places, a collection of customizable cars, and rock-solid responsive controls. However, it’s more than just a simple racing game—in some ways, it’s two games in one with its all-in demolition modes. In testing the game, I played through one short race, and came in a solid last place—but damn did I beat up some of the other cars. My car was barely holding on as I passed the finish line, but I’d done what I set out to do—cause mass destruction.

Each race has different goals for you—sometimes you’re supposed to win, sometimes your job is to cause the most destruction possible. Your garage will be able to hold cars that can do the various jobs you need them for—so feel free to build yourself a dedicated racer and a monstrous razing machine.

What sets this game apart is the incredible accuracy when it comes to the game’s physics. Every move a car makes is as accurate as can be. While this is a really cool feature, it also means the game is sometimes more difficult to play—it’s not just a simple racing game, but also an actual simulator in some ways. In addition, the ability to customize your car is taken to an extreme. Not only can you replace your fender and roll cage, but you can change out your air filters and everything in between, giving slight horsepower advantages based on your selections.

In addition to customization, there’s a special treat for those gamers who like to share footage of their gameplay. The camera mode allows you get shots that are absolutely beautiful—even capturing the dust picturesquely surrounding your car.

All in all, Wreckfest is a promising racing game with a fun demolition aspect that sets it apart from other games in the racing genre. While the game is expected to be released at the end of this year, you can get early access to the game through Steam and check Wreckfest’s website for more information. Wreckfest is also planned to be available on Xbox One and PS4.

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