Paper Dungeons — Roll dice, slay monsters, and get the loot

Round up your adventuring party and your pencil in Paper Dungeons, a roll-and-write dungeon scrawler game. Each player has their own dungeon sheet with a matching setup, including walls, monsters, and treasure. Players have their own unique class and secret objective to make sure their dungeon routing won’t be identical. Six dice are rolled each round, each player choosing three of them to utilize. Have the most points at the end of the game to win!

While all of the dungeon sheets are the same, there are different setup cards which change up the monsters in the game and also add some additional walls. Players move through their dungeons at their own pace. Any die can be used to move two spaces. Boots can move your party three spaces, so there is often the difficult decision of moving now versus waiting for boots in a later round.

Most dice usage will not move you through the dungeon. Instead, you will level up and take actions to prepare for future encounters. Each class can be leveled up, providing powerful abilities. Artifacts can be found. Potions can be gathered. Whenever a skull is rolled on the dice, all players take damage. If you have potions, you can avoid some of the damage. Your total health is the sum of all your hero levels. If you ever take as much damage as you have health, you will have to resurrect, which comes at a cost of points.

As you journey through the dungeon you will encounter minions, monsters, traps, and rewards. Each minion is weak to a specific class. How much health you lose defeating a minion depends on your level in that class. Traps always hurt you when you enter, so be careful about backtracking. Monsters are fought at specific times during the game, but only if you’ve reached them. Otherwise you have to run away, and that is certainly not going to earn you points. The points you gain for fighting monsters, and how much damage you take, are determined by how much strength you can bring to bear against them. Monsters are also weak to specific classes, adding another level of strategy.

Scattered around the dungeon you can find potions, artifacts, and level ups. Most objects in a dungeon are available to all players. Gems, however, are only awarded to the first players to reach them, so the race is on! There are also public missions that reward the first player to do what the mission asks.

At the end of the game, you will lose points based on how much damage you took. You gain points from all of your other accomplishments, such as hero levels, artifacts, and gem collection.

Paper Dungeons takes the classic roll-and-write formula and floods it with an immersive theme. With multiple setup cards and many monster types, there should be plenty of enjoyment and challenge each time you delve in for adventure!

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