Let’s Play Icarus: New Frontiers DLC with the RocketWerkz team!

We got the golden opportunity to team up with RocketWerkz to check out the launch of Icarus: New Frontiers — the newest expansion to Icarus.  This newest expansion has over 100 new items, fresh missions, creatures, crafting materials, and so much more, including a brand new biome.  Laura and I jumped into the very first mission with the team, and we’ve got some exciting new video to share with you of that mission.  Watch as we save Mrs. Daisy, grow tomatoes, and generally get ourselves in and out of trouble.

Let's Play Icarus New Frontiers DLC with RocketWerkz

Big thanks to the RocketWerkz team to take the time to play with us, especially on a very busy launch day!

With nearly 500 hours combined, Laura and I will be embarking on our review alongside all of you.  Jump on our Discord and let us know how your journey has gone so far, and look for our full review right here at!


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