Incredible Dream — Kinfire and beyond

While at Gen Con 2023, we were able to get a look at Kinfire Chronicles along with a sneak peek at two more upcoming games from Incredible Dream.

Kinfire Chronicles is a cooperative adventure game for up to four players that was designed to be immersive and friendly to newer gamers while still having plenty of depth. The box top opens up to become the game board for easy setup. The rules and scenarios are designed in a way that allows players to learn as they play. With its diverse and inclusive set of characters combined with an immersive world and story, Kinfire Chronicles looks to be an enjoyable experience. GamingTrend will be posting a full review of the game, so make sure to come back and find out what we thought of it!

The first upcoming game we got to see was Kinfire Delve, which looked to be completely developed and ready for release soon. It uses the same characters as Kinfire Chronicles, but is a much smaller and lighter game. It is even planned to be a direct to retail product split up into three affordable sets. Each set will come with two playable characters and one dungeon, allowing up to two players to cooperatively delve into the depths and attempt to defeat the boss awaiting at the end. There are currently three sets planned and all of the sets will be cross compatible, allowing players to mix and match characters and dungeons. With more than one set, you can even combine them to enjoy the game with three or four players. We got a look at an early prototype of the game at GAMA Expo earlier this year, and its come a long way!

Kinfire Delve is played by shuffling the entire delve deck, setting up the boss card and surrounding it with four random delve cards. These can be anything from monsters to traps to puzzles that you need to solve in order to work your way towards the end of the dungeon. In order to reach the end, you have to get through the entire delve deck. By defeating the obstacles in your way, you will remove cards from the deck, hastening your journey to the end. The players defeat these obstacles by playing cards from their hand, getting assistance from other players, and through a little bit of dice rolling. Success grants the rewards on the card, while failure can wound the players and require them to come back later in order to finish the job. Too much failure and the team may never make it to the end.

Kinfire Delve is designed to be a difficult game that most new players will lose in their first few attempts. As you learn how to play and understand how to use your characters more effectively, you’ll be able to get further, reach the boss, and finally defeat them. With the way the delve deck works, you’ll only see a fraction of the cards each time you play, which ensures that each playthrough is different. It is one of my most highly anticipated games now and I look forward to its release!

The final game that I got to see was an early prototype of Boundless Stride. Everything shown consisted of prototype components, which will all be replaced with final components as the game gets further into development. This game is not set in the same world as the Kinfire games. It is instead about animals traveling around and helping to take care of the regions they inhabit. The character design is really great with a ton of personality given to each of the animals. I just can’t get enough of Monty and those leg warmers he is wearing.

The movement on the game board is free form and uses discs to determine how far a character can move. Characters will go around completing quests to help the local inhabitants, delivering goods, putting out fires, defeating enemies, and more. The game has legacy elements, such as unlocking more stories and maps as you play, but nothing that prevents the game from being reset.

Boundless Stride looks really unique and it will be interesting to see where it ends up. I am really liking the direction that Incredible Dream is headed and look forward to seeing what else they come up with in the future!

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