Hands-on with hand-drawn roguelike Guild of Dungeoneering

You might remember my write-up on PAX South and the games to know from there, one of which was the charming indie dungeon-crawler Guild of Dungeoneering. With pencil-etched aesthetic and brutal difficulty, Guild of Dungeoneering gave me that drive to keep going death-after-brutal-death that only my favorite roguelikes can give.

Guild of Dungeoneering Preview [Gaming Trend]

Well, I’ve got some video impressions to share this time of their beta build, and the good news is, it’s exactly as I remember it. The tongue-in-cheek dialogue, wonderful drawings and punishing challenge  are all intact and as wonderful as ever. Take a look at the video and keep an eye out on their Steam page and the developer Gambrinous’ blog as they build up to release later this year.

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