Gunnar has awesome new looks for 2024, and we’ve got the first set!

Gunnar has been making awesome eye strain-reducing glasses for quite some time now, and we’ve certainly covered a lot of their technology as they’ve advanced their tech year after year. In 2024, Gunnar is taking some bold new steps. A new lens type, fresh collaborations, and even a new type of lens specifically for graphic artists and color grade professionals. They’ve got a lot to show at CES, so let’s get into the details!

Current Gunnar lenses are made from a lightweight and durable polycarbonate material. More scratch resistant than traditional plastic lenses, these are durable, thin, and lightweight. That said, some folks have had an issue with polycarbonate, reporting red or yellow fringes around objects, or higher incidence of refraction, creating a starfield effect. To that end, Gunnar is debuting a new material in 2024 – Mineral Glass.

Mineral glass is the same type of material used in camera lenses and telescopes. Virtually distortion free and scratch resistant, these lenses should provide the wearer with remarkably clear optics, and without the distortion or refraction issues of polycarbonate. Perhaps most importantly, they also do not impact the color with a tinted lens, making them perfect for a completely new market – videography.

If you’ve ever recorded video with a digital camera, you know that it can sometimes require a bit of retouching in post production. Whether it’s lighting, overly exposed subjects, or just colors not being precisely right, this work often falls to a professional in charge of “color grading” to correct that. Obviously a yellow tinted lens would impact that outcome greatly, but these new mineral glass lenses would be perfect for the task. Coming to some to-be-announced frames in the first half of 2024, we’ll keep you posted on these when they arrive.

The team at Gunnar teamed up with Blizzard and Marvel for some awesome frames last year, and that continues into 2024, while also adding new collaborations with Tokidoki and Ubisoft. Before we get to those, however, we’ve gotta check out their newest innovation coming out on January 10th.

Inside a lens sent dubbed “The Cupertino”, Gunnar has a lens set that can be swapped. Rather than needing multiple pairs of glasses, these use a powerful magnetize lens insert tech, allowing you to easily swap through all four tinted lenses available. From the clear lens inserts (blocks 35%), amber lens set (blocks 65% blue light), sun lens insert (blocks 90%), or max lens inserts (blocks 98%), you’ll be able to swap them in and out, and keep all four in an included clamshell case and lens pouch. Right behind The Cupertino comes a new frame type called Plaid on 1/31/24, with an etched metal frame set at the tips.

Three more lens types with a more round look called Palomar, Pismo, and Pacifica are grouped in the “Strata Collection” will launch on 2/14/24, and a more squared off look from the “Arbor Collection” called Muir and Humboldt will hit in March on the 19th.




Gunnar teamed up with Blizzard last year for some great Diablo IV collaborations, and now they are taking things a bit more multi-color with a team-up with Overwatch II. First up is a Overwatch D.Va Tokki lens with stylish purple and pink cat-like frames, complete with D.Va bunnies (aka Tokki) on each side. Also included will be a branded microfiber cloth and storage bag, decorated as you might expect, as well as a lanyard clamshell style holder.

Blizzard also has a Gunnar Ultimate Edition set for Overwatch. These glasses will feature the signature orange and gray stylings, as well as a straight armed sleek look. Like the D.Va Tokki it’ll come with the microfiber cloth and storage bag. Both the Tokki and Ultimate Edition Gunnars will ship on 2/27/2024.

Gunnar is again teaming up with Marvel like they did for their excellent Loki, Stark, Black Panther, and Spider-Man sets. This time around they are doing something really cool for Groot. Under a set they are calling the Arbor Collection, the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will see a completely wooden set of frames for none other than everyone’s favorite talking tree/hero, Groot! Made of sustainable materials, this newest set comes with a microfiber cloth and pouch, as well as an exclusive box to keep it all safe when they ship on 3/19/2024.

If you are excited about the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie, well then I’ve got good news for you. The Merc with the Mouth gets his own set just in time for the movie. The frames remind me of Deadpool’s expressive eye..uh..mask…thing, with slightly raised “eyebrows” and his signature red and black color for the frames. Deadpool’s microfiber cloth is his logo, naturally, and his cloth carrying bag is a rainbow farting unicorn, because of course it is.

His inevitably-reluctant chum, Wolverine, will get his own set. The Adamantium set has an aggressive looking set of thin frames that are evocative of Logan’s claws. No surprise that these come with a black stylish microfiber cloth with an X-Men logo. The cloth is a gray two-sided print, with Logan in full beast mode on one side and the Marvel logo on the other. Both the Deadpool 3 and Adamantium set ship on June 26th of this year.

The Gunnar team has also signed a new partnership, this time with none other than Tokidoki! The SANDy edition are signature “cactus friends” green, because the world is a cold and scary place, and kids need protection, sporting a cat-like frame. The cloth bag is the awesome Cactus Dog in a spiky cactus outfit, bone in mouth. The microfiber cloth has SANDy on one side, armored up as well. On the back of both are, again, the green cactus armor motif.

If your Tokidoki preferences run to the more colorful, then you’ll be excited for Cotton Candy Carnival. With a clear and white frame set complete with stars on the front and rear of the arms, these are all about Unicorno. The cloth and bag are an explosion of color, with Unicorno and the whole gang, in all sorts of outfits and looks. These are gonna sell like hotcakes!

The last Tokidoki set is none other than Donutella herself. With a classic retro pink and rose gold frame, these sport a tiny donut on the end of the arms. The bag is Donutella wearing her donut floaty, as well as her chef’s hat and mitts. On the back is an explosion of donuts and Donatellas. All of these Tokidoki themed sets are headed our way in Q1 of 2024.

It’s an exciting CES for Gunnar, and we are only looking at the first half of the year. The new lenses are an exciting new step, as are the magnetic lenses. The fresh collaborations should be fun for fans. In short, there’s a lot to look forward to. If you’ve not picked up a set of Gunnars at this point, what are you waiting for?



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