E3 First Impressions: Alienware is taking over your gaming setup

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How far we’ve come since the silver-ribbed, predator-inspired days of Alienware. Well, actually – not that far. Alienware is still the technically obsessive master of extremes it was, and always has been.


I had a chance to walk through Alienware’s newest offerings – evidence of its continuing pursuit of PC-gaming perfection.


Area-51 Threadripper Edition

Featuring AMD’s new 16-Core Ryzen processor architecture – this new performance powerhouse is for those demanding the absolute best gaming experience, and for gamers who create, using resource-intensive applications.


  • All configurations come standard unlocked and factory-overclocked across all cores, with liquid cooled AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs utilizing Alienware’s most powerful liquid cooling unit to date.
  • Supports NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire graphics technology, with dual and triple GPU options
  • Alienware Command Center includes AlienFX, AlienAdrenaline, AlienFusion, Thermal and Overclocking Controls


You can find the detailed specs and configurations here.


Consider yourself an Intel diehard? Not to worry! Alienware’s Intel i9 Core-X counterpart offers configurations with nearly identical specs. You can find more info here.


These new editions will be shipping on July 27th, with pricing announced simultaneously.




Meeting in their Miami Headquarters – those responsible for resurrecting Alienware’s line of peripherals admittedly chased extremes. Realizing their end goal of a nirvana-level PC Gaming experience – Alienware’s engineers set out to make the a set of peripherals worthy of the Alienware monicker while incorporating quality, user-centric design. A goal which, I feel, they achieved. Sturdy construction, modular customization, and overall beauty make the new line a great addition to any gaming setup


Alienware Advanced and Pro Gaming Keyboard

Sturdy, well built, and gorgeous – these keyboards include such amenities as steel-plated keybeds for even the most expressive rage-quitters! Two versions, the Advanced (AW568) and Pro (AW768), feature:


  • Mechanical keys with KaiHua brown switches – offered satisfying response, and great travel
  • Customizable lighting zones
  • Dedicated Macro keys
  • Anti-ghosting: Imagine playing your favorite video game and not being able to, say, run diagonally and fire your weapon at the same time (say pressing a, w, and g simultaneously). While most existing keyboards encounter this problem, Alienware’s do not.
  • N-key rollover: This means that each key is scanned completely independently by the keyboard hardware, so no matter how many buttons are being mashed – your command will be executed to perfection.                                                        



The AW768 does includes some additional features over the AW568 with a dedicated volume roller, 13-zone RGB backlit lighting, along with more premium build materials.



The AWS568 will retail for $89.99USD, with the AWS768 slated at $119.99USD. Both keyboards are available now and will be shipping July 14th, 2017.


Alienware Advanced and Elite Gaming Mice


Two new mice will ship alongside Alienware’s keyboard offerings. The Advanced (AW558) and Elite (AW958) range in price and build quality. Both versions feature:


  • On-the-fly DPI Switching:
    • AW558 – Three levels. Up to 5,000 DPI
    • AW958 – Five levels. Up to 12,000 DPI


  • Programmable buttons                              .


  • RGB customizable lighting


  • Corded design for reduced input lag


The AWS958 includes some features that aren’t present in the 568. Premium build materials, 3-position palm-rest, customizable side-grid, and variable weight made the 958 a perfect fit in my hand after a few quick adjustments. However the simpler 568 was light, nimble, and at a lower price-point – attractive for an on-the-go gaming setup.


The AW558 will retail for $49.99USD, and the AW958 for $89.99USD. Both are available now and start shipping on June 30th, 2017



Alienware Gaming Monitors

Featuring Alienware’s iconic design language – these monitors not only blend seamlessly with the Alienware product family, but offer bleeding-edge gaming performance. Two versions will be released to take advantage of AMD’s FreeSync, and NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. Both feature:


  • 24.5” TN, 3-sided narrow bezels
  • 240Hz Native Refresh Rate
  • 1920 x 1080 – 1080p Resolution
  • Brightness: 400 nits (typ.)
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (typ.)
  • Response Time: 1ms with overdrive


The AMD FreeSync (AW2518HF) will sell for $699.99USD featuring LED accent lighting, and shipping July 27th. The NVIDIA G-SYNC counterpart (AW2518H) will lose the lighting, and sell for $499.99USD, and is slated to ship a bit earlier – June 29th.



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