Cutting of heads – Extinction E3 2017 preview

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Who doesn’t like battling giant ogres, saving villagers, dismembering enemies, and slowing down time? At E3 2017 I got to take a look at Extinction, an action game that lets you do all of that. While I only got to see a few minutes of gameplay, what I saw look very promising.

As the preview started I was introduced to Avil, the last member of an elite order who is meant to keep humanity safe from the long since forgotten enemy of huge ogre-like monsters the Ravenii. Avil is immediately informed that an ogre is trying to break through a wall in order to invade the city. Rushing over to the area, Avil soon comes upon a massive ogre, who is easily ten times his size. Leaping into action, Avil starts attacking the ogre with his ability to slow down time and slices through the ogre’s right leg. With its leg now severed the ogre falls to the ground. Avil continues the attack by setting his eyes on the monsters right arm, in the hopes of lowering the ogre even more in order to get a clear shot at its head.

After a couple of failed attempts, Avil successfully hits the ogre’s arm slicing it clean off, but his attacks took too long and the ogre had enough time to regenerate its leg and stood back up. Avil then had to refocus on the legs and hope that he would be able to remove them before the arm could regenerate as well. This time he is successful in his first attack and, with its leg and arm gone, the ogre is wide open for a killing blow. Seizing the opportunity, Avil strikes the beast in the neck and decapitates it, killing it instantly. Luckily, there is no regenerating from that.

Avil returns to the city to save the innocents citizens within. Reaching a group of people, Avil summons a magic portal, which they can use to get to freedom. This brought a smile to my face as it reminded me a lot of Abe’s Oddworld, and had me feeling very nostalgic. This is also the only way to save citizens in the game, so creating portals is a very important task.

Unfortunately, creating a portal also attracts ogres. Immediately after the citizens reach safety, another ogre attacks and, before Avil could act, breaches the walls. This ogre, unlike the one before it, has steel armor. Knowing that the steel armor would prove to be much more difficult damage (compared to the first ogre’s wooden armor), Avil foregoes attacking the limbs and uses his agility and skills to scale the ogres giant body. Jumping above the ogre’s head he slowed time down again and took aim directly at the beast’s neck and delivered a swift killing blow. The ogre’s head falls away and Avil has saved the city.

While the gameplay that I got to see was always Avil against a single ogre, if the trailer I was shown is meant to represent what the game is like, it looks like Avil will also be fighting large swarms of ogres at the same time. If cutting off the heads of Giant Ogres in order to save humanity sounds like something you will be into, keep your eyes on this one. Extinction comes out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018

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