Call Of Duty League 2022 Major III/Week 1/Day 1 preview — What we think going in

After a phenomenal Pro-Am tournament, games are back with Call Of Duty League points on the line. Yeah, these are online matches, but it’s nice to see the squads back in action after such a long layoff between Majors. There are plenty of interesting matchups in play even for the very first day back, so let’s check them out and make some predictions.

Los Angeles Thieves vs London Royal Ravens

Friday, May 13th, 3PM ET

  • Why Los Angeles Thieves will win: They’re making progress. This squad looked so much better after that devastating first loss to the New York Subliners at the Pro-Am, and even though they still lost to them again in the Grand Finals there are plenty of positives. In their wins you had almost the entire team with positive KDs, with the only exceptions Kenny in S&D and Drazah in Control, and they sported a 12-3 map count in them. I don’t know that the role swap is enough to get them to Champs, but at least they’re improving.
  • Why London Royal Ravens will win: The swaps work. We didn’t expect this team to be in this position after Major I for sure. They finished third and were on the up and up. Then suddenly Gismo is gone, PaulEhx got snapped up too quickly for London to keep him, Harry is now in the lineup at main AR, and Zero is at the SMG with Nastie at flex. Can it work? If the Royal Ravens win this one, I think it did.
  • X-Factor: Kenny and Zero. Whichever one can pop off in their new spot probably takes home the W. Kenny looked awful in his first match at SMG, will Zero?

Prediction: 3-1 Los Angeles Thieves

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Optic Texas vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

Friday, May 13th, 4:30PM ET

  • Why Optic Texas will win: Prolute fits right in. I get the idea here, General is more of a main AR so his fit forced Dashy out of his comfort zone. That being said, going in cold for a second time could cost Optic a game. At least they’re playing a team that was equally cold in Columbus.
  • Why Los Angeles Guerrillas will win: The Pro-Am was a fluke rather than a trend. Make no mistake, LAG looked like dog crap in Columbus. Sure, it was two game 5’s they dropped, with one coming in a spectacular reverse sweep by Toronto Academy NA, but this squad also recently set a record for consecutive Search and Destroy wins. If they lose their bread and butter, are they any better than middle of the pack?
  • X-Factor: Asim. He had a really rough Pro-Am, with a .75 through 3 games. He’s got to get back to his old self, because his teammate in Huke has picked up and they’ll be a formidable duo if they’re both rocking at the same time.

Prediction: 3-2 Los Angeles Guerrillas

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New York Subliners vs Atlanta Faze

Friday, May 13th, 6PM ET 

  • Why New York Subliners will win: They’re riding the high and only getting better. Crimsix finally has the squad around him he wants, and you can see the puzzle pieces finally fitting together. Kismet was making plays, HyDra looked great in the respawn, and it’s still super hard to kill PaulEhx. They didn’t lose a match at the Pro-Am and they don’t care to lose one Friday.
  • Why Atlanta Faze will win: They’re on paper at least the better team. This is a top two team and we’re back to matches that count for CDL points. Atlanta just got knocked out of a tournament without a championship again so they’re looking for blood. How better to prove yourself than to trash the current champs?
  • X-Factor: Search and Destroy. New York looked great on this one last weekend, sporting a 5-1 record. Faze on the other hand were terrible, 1-4 with the only win coming against an amateur team. Do I trust them enough to win one if they have to?

Prediction: 3-1 Atlanta Faze

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