Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 1/Day 2 preview — What we think going in

And we’re back for another day of the Call Of Duty League! We’ve got four fun matches on the docket, with new faces and rematches to go around. There are a lot of questions facing the teams in today’s matches, and we’ve asked a few below.

Paris Legion vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • New player who dis? Paris is turning to another new face in Jimbo to see if they can change their fortunes. They’re a bit late to the party, it only took them a year and a Major to get away from the minimum wage veteran route, but they’re doing it. Can he mesh with the team and the other new face GRVTY? This would be a good match to find out.
  • GRVTY was solid in his debut, one kill over even. He was definitely a part of why they upset Seattle, so hopefully he keeps growing and helps the Legion find that first regular season win.
  • We’ll see what happens, but if Jimbo plays the aggressive sub how does John play from there. He isn’t a tentative player, but he could be a lot better in a role that doesn’t require as many engagements. He’s made some plays, but he’s also been under by 20 kills several times.

  • We’ve already said it in our takeaways from yesterday, LAG is reeling and you wonder if this is still a get right game. Paris has a more promising squad going into this than the 0-5 one that limped through Major I, and this one could get out of hand.
  • I want to see Huke remind the world he’s a champion. It’s been a wild run for him, getting traded from the Dallas Empire after a lot of drama, more drama following on the Thieves, and his eventual landing on the Guerrillas. Maybe the Guerrillas don’t get right in this one, but if Huke does maybe one positive comes out of it.
  • That being said, I do think LAG is going to come into this one furious at being swept by Florida. If that can heat up SlasheR and Asim to their heights versus London at the Major, they’ll win here.

London Royal Ravens vs Los Angeles Thieves

  • New York is one thing, the number 2 seed from Major I is another. The Royal Ravens looked really good, except the collapse on the Control, but otherwise they shredded the Subliners. Can they body LAT the same way?
  • If they do, it’ll be because PaulEhx continues to play well. He was very impactful on the map, even if his .97 KD wasn’t as flashy. A lot of that was due to getting blooded on the Desert Siege S&D, so I’ll chalk that mostly up to not being with the team very long.
  • Of course, if Afro goes +30 kills again, good luck to the Thieves. He was all over the Hardpoints, and if Gavutu gets picked, he’ll need to repeat the 30/14, 2.14 KD performance.

  • Quite a few thought the Thieves would last longer at the Major, but wins over the Subliners and Rokkr was all they had to show for it. It was a disappointment, especially given the 2 seed, but even more so that they had Faze where they wanted them, up 2-0 before a reverse sweep came through.
  • One thing they’ve got to do now is to strengthen their map pool. Yes, the Thieves are good on Hardpoint, but maybe play something you wouldn’t have given how good London is. It could benefit you down the line, and help you not drop too much VOD for teams to pour over.
  • There aren’t any of the Thieves specifically that are straight under performing, but it’d be nice to see Octane take over. He was the big ticket item LAT picked up, and by his standards we haven’t seen a real breakout game yet.

Minnesota Rokkr vs Toronto Ultra

  • I don’t know why, but it just feels like we haven’t seen much of Minnesota this year. Maybe it’s them flying under the radar, maybe the games they’ve played just haven’t been bangers, but I forget they exist at times. They’ve got to change that, especially with THEIR Major on the docket.
  • It’ll be really interesting to see how things go with the role switch the Rokkr are trying. Attach is moving to the flex role, with Priestahh heading to the sub. I remember Priestahh not looking too hot on the SMG in Cold War, but Silly reminded me it was probably one of the tougher games when it came to the hard differences between the Krig6 and AK-74u. That plus the MP-40 beams so maybe it’ll help Priestahh have a little more impact.
  • Speaking of submachine guns, Priestahh and Standy are going to have to get a lot of dirty work done versus CleanX and Bance. It’s a lot to ask of them, especially given big P hasn’t been in the role long, but if they can clutch this one up it’d be a boon to their winners bracket hopes.
OPTIC WINS BIG AT HOME! - The Rotation Podcast - Episode 36

  • Toronto made it all the way to fourth in the Major, and promptly got stomped by Atlanta Faze. We aren’t seeing the same amount of dominance in this title that we did in Cold War, besides maybe the Kickoff Classic. Did they just take that more seriously than everyone else? And if they have another subpar Major, do they look to change anything?
  • One thing is for certain, they need more out of CleanX. Of the 4 games they played, he was only positive in the loss versus London, with +5 kills. That’s just not going to cut it, and he’s a legit superstar threat that was getting shut down all tournament. He has to get back to being that frustrating player constantly in your back.
  • Ditto for Insight. He did have a great series versus the Thieves, and his snipes on Desert Siege S&D are why they won. But he too often disappeared on the map, and versus Faze he didn’t even break 48 kills. They have to get him more involved.

Atlanta Faze vs Seattle Surge

  • Another day, another chip on Atlanta’s shoulder. They tend to take the Bill Belichick approach, moving on immediately from the last game, but never forgetting who beat them or heckled them. Next up, Seattle, a team that knocked them out of the Kickoff Classic in convincing fashion, and you better bet they want revenge.
  • Seattle may be floundering, so this one may not be the best litmus test. Even so, they need to get all their superstars humming together. We’ve seen several guitar solos in their wins and losses, single strings making music at different times. If they want to dominate someone like Optic, they need to hit a few power chords.
  • It all boils down to Simp really finding a hot hand this stage. He’s had his moments, especially in the first tournament match versus Boston. We know he can still do it, he just needs to start doing it every match.
Round 2 | @AtlantaFaZe vs @SeattleSurge | Kickoff Classic 2022 | Day 2

  • I don’t know that anyone is counting on Seattle in this one, so the name of the game is getting under Faze’s skin and being competitive. Play your best maps, and veto everything you can that Faze is good on. That and pray the coin flip allows you the Control on Gavutu.
  • Yesterday was pretty ugly all around, with all but some of Mack’s plays and Pred’s incredible spree on the Control highlights to look fondly upon. Even then, Boston has been trash at Control, so it isn’t the biggest victory. Don’t look to one area, you have to fix a bunch of holes in a sinking ship.
  • If Pred can get the better of aBeZy or Simp today that would be preferable. He’s not been very good, and we haven’t seen a lot of influential play from him since the Kickoff Classic where he was running into spawns on Gavutu Control and disrupting teams. Maybe he was a one trick pony and teams figured him out, but his development will determine where this team goes long term.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our takeaways as Major II qualifiers continue, and we’ll do our best to bring you content here and on our YouTube channel! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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