Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 1/Day 1 preview — On to the next round!

It didn’t take long at all to jump back into the action. The online qualifying matches for Major II are here, and we can’t wait to ride this train all the way to the next tournament in Minnesota. There are three weeks of this incoming, so hold on and enjoy the ride with us.

New York Subliners vs London Royal Ravens

  • For New York, it looks like Neptune may be returning to the line-up. One would assume it’s at the expense of Royalty, who hasn’t looked like the answer, but who knows what the Subliners have up their sleeves.
  • As for the rest of the squad, Hydra is still the guy, Crimsix can at times still show he’s got it, but you have to wonder what’s up with Clayster. He says he’s having more fun with the game than he has in awhile, but he had a nearly identical performance as Royalty, and with nearly 500 less damage. If the Subliners roll out the same line-up as week one, are things really going to change?
  • All that being said, we know the main thing the Subliners need, and that’s more slaying power. Crimsix can be the catalyst there if he embraces the role, but you have to wonder if he can keep up with the other flexs in the league, who are arguably the most important position on the map right now.
Clayster's Call of Duty Legacy | No Pressure

  • London is going to look a little bit different on Friday, with Gismo being AFK due to personal matters. We wish him the best, but interestingly enough the Royal Ravens are looking to PaulEhx to fill in while he’s out. I’m not sure how he fits, but he recently was called out by Treyarch as being number one on the upcoming top 250 ranked players. That’s probably changed by now, but PaulEhx can most certainly help the Royal Ravens keep their momentum going into Major II.
  • If I’m London, I’m doing three things during the qualifiers. Widen my map pool, get better in Control, and work on my Hardpoint rotations. Playing New York right at the beginning is nice, you can work PaulEhx in, but also play some of the maps you aren’t as comfortable on. In the Hardpoints it’s no surprise that the Royal Ravens looked to break hills rather than get to them first, and that didn’t work versus top teams, so you have to work on that. As for Control, they were only 1-3 at the Major, so that needs some polishing right away.
  • There’s not a lot to say about London other than to keep up the good work. They finished third at the Major, and they’ve looked good in general while the other team that came out hot looking similar to them fizzled down the stretch in Seattle. Keep your heads above water without Gismo, and you should be good to go heading to Minnesota.

Seattle Surge vs  Boston Breach

  • Seattle is at such a crossroads right now. They were the darlings of the Kickoff Classic, and they came out hot, but cooled down ridiculously, straight into a Major where they not only lost to a similar London team, but knocked out of the tournament by the only team to not win a single game yet. That can’t continue, so it’s time to look internally to fix it.
  • The number one priority is to get Sib and Pred rocking again. Sib had a .95 KD in two games, and Pred had a more encouraging 1.05 KD. But put them together and they’re more or less even, and that’s not good enough from two rookies that looked to be contenders for the Rookie of the Year award.
  • You can’t allow Boston room to bully you in this one. Boston was outslayed by 53 kills in their match against Florida and still won. That may sound kind of familiar, and that’s because even though Paris won, they didn’t look much better in the slaying department. We need to see smart play out of Seattle like we saw when they were rolling through teams. 
Allycxt’s SPICY Takes 🥵 📈 | Major I Power Rankings

  • For Boston, play to your pace and frazzle Seattle. Boston is a team that is scrappy, and they can be so in your face they get under your skin. If there’s a team right now that could drop to that kind of pressure, it’s the Surge.
  • This team needs the most it can get out of it’s rookies just like Seattle in Nero and Capsidal. If they can both keep making the splash plays, there’s a good chance they send Seattle home. If they both drop negative KD’s, a win gets harder to come by.
  • This squad, like London, needs to get their Control under… control. Just like London they only won 1-3 Controls, but unlike London the only win was versus the worst team in the league. Control is the swing round, and if you’re constantly losing it, you’re probably constantly going home empty.

Florida Mutineers vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Florida may be one of the most infuriating teams out there, not because they aren’t good, but so often they don’t play up to their potential. They and the Subliners were the only teams to get bounced after only one game in Major I. That just doesn’t cut it considering the talent that’s on this roster.
  • The worst thing is knowing they destroyed Boston in the slaying department, and it wasn’t enough to take home the W. Owakening was +45 kills, with a 1.61 KD and nearly 120 kills, and they still lost. It just looks ugly, and they know it.
  • I’m not sure where this roster goes from here if Major II is more of the same. You can’t necessarily point to a specific player right now and say they’re the problem, especially given Davpadie has improved in recent weeks. They really need to come out and win, and that starts versus LAG.
"We Are Ph^%!n Turnt!" 😈 | Comms Check -- Major 1 Tournament

  • Los Angeles meanwhile is sitting at a similar crossroads. They can compete with anyone, but they’re dropping maps when they shouldn’t. They lost a really close series to London, the eventual third place team, and then got smoked by Minnesota, who didn’t even put up much of a fight versus the Thieves in their next match. Somethings gotta give, because if it doesn’t this roster might look a little different heading into Major III.
  • I know he’s one guy, but Asim has to keep the fire he had during the last Major. He still ranks top five in Control kills and damage per minute, proving his motor is among the best in the game. If he can clean up some other areas, he has a chance to be sensational all year.
  • I don’t know that it specifically matters who steps it up next to Asim, but someone has to. Huke, SlasheR, and Gunless all seem to take turns performing well, and when they all decide to take a break nothing good comes of it. You’d like to see an AR give him some help, but any one of them would suffice and help take this team further than two loses and out at the Major.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our takeaways as Major II begins, and we’ll do our best to bring you content here and on our YouTube channel! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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