Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Day 2 preview — What we think going in

Crazy to think of all that went on yesterday, but it’s time to reset. The Call Of Duty League Major II loser’s bracket is up next, and it’s win or go home for every team playing. The lineup today is absolutely STACKED, with several big name teams and talented rosters falling in order to set up some insane matchups. We can’t predict the future, but we surely can try.

Paris Legion vs London Royal Ravens

  • Why Paris Legion will win: I mean, they beat Seattle last time? This team has some experience winning on LAN, and now they have Jimbo in the same building. They just took down Toronto so maybe they’ve built the confidence to take this one.
  • Why London Royal Ravens will win: They’re way better than they played versus Florida. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was a bad matchup. But they aren’t the team that went up 4-0 in an S&D and lost 6 straight maps. They’re also not the same team that fell apart in the Control. I think they figure it out and shred Paris because they aren’t ready to go home.
  • X-Factor: Control. If Paris wants this one they can’t let London demolish them the way they did in their matchup earlier in the qualifiers. Unfortunately for them this one probably goes to Gavutu. They are 3-3 on the map, but the Royal Ravens are 7-4.
  • Prediction: 3-1 London Royal Ravens

Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Why Toronto Ultra will win: They’re finally healthy. This team hasn’t really been well in awhile, with Cammy dropping from the line-up due to COVID, and then CleanX and Bance following it up this stage. I’m guessing they’ve done everything possible to get better, and I think we’ll see them return to form in this one.
  • Why Los Angeles Guerrillas will win: The SMG duo will be better. It’s surprising to me how much Asim and Huke struggled in this one. Asim in particular is way better than what he looked like today, with a style that rattles many he engages with. If the bros can get going, they’ll move forward in the tournament.
  • X-Factor: Asim. Sticking with him, he had a 1.04 KD in the qualifiers, and only dropped a .83 today. Some of that is the Hardpoint, Gavutu is nasty to sub players. But if he’s playing it you usually see him pick up an AR, and he’s been dangerous with them before.
  • Prediction: 3-2 Toronto Ultra

Los Angeles Thieves vs New York Subliners 

  • Why Los Angeles Thieves will win: They don’t want to end Major II 0-6. The Thieves have been spectacularly awful this go around, and they don’t want to go into the Major III qualifiers with the stink of a winless stage on them. These are some really talented individuals, but they’ll have to work as a team to win this one.
  • Why New York Subliners will win: The change didn’t make them better than Faze, but after taking out Toronto there’s no reason they can’t challenge LAT. The Thieves are a shell of themselves, just like Toronto. New York should be able to handle them pretty easily in this honeymoon period, even if it comes down to a game 5 S&D.
  • X-Factor: Search and Destroy. Speaking of S&D, whoever wins these walks away with this one. One would have to think it would be New York handily, but I won’t discount LAT having some pride to play for in them.
  • Prediction: 3-2 New York Subliners

Minnesota Rokkr vs Optic Texas

  • Why Minnesota Rokkr will win: They’re an under the radar team that’s beaten Optic already. Before the win streak and Major I win, Optic was floundering, and the last team to beat them before Seattle was this spunky Rokkr squad. Sure, they have plenty of flaws, but they know how to clutch up.
  • Why Optic Texas will win: They don’t want to go home. This team got embarrassed yesterday, and even though you don’t win them all, that one shouldn’t have been that bad. Optic should come into this one with a chip on their shoulder and be ready to body a team less talented than they are.
  • X-Factor: Hardpoint. If Rokkr steals one, this could get ugly. If they can’t, Optic in 4.
  • Prediction: 3-1 Optic Texas

Don’t forget that there is one more loser’s bracket match, but since we don’t know what it will be we can’t predict it. Because of that, we’ll be only doing takeaways as we progress through days 3 & 4. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our takeaways as Major II continues, and we’ll do our best to bring you content here and on our YouTube channel! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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