Building monuments in an Age Contrived — Fun with chonky tiles and magnets

In An Age Contrived, players take on the roles of gods ruling over the realm of Eldranir, influencing the mortal tribes to construct enduring structures in their honor. Building these monuments piece by piece and how you use your energy tokens afterwards represents some of the most crucial mechanics of the game.

There are six monuments:

  • The Library of Valduin- This opulent structure represents present and future advancements since the Age of Darkness.
  • The Ship of Tolinthra- The towering vessel heralds the divine leadership of mortals into a new age of wonder.
  • The Fortress of Kolym Thrin- Placed there by the gods to keep the barren wastes at bay
  • The Namarillion Forge- The fountain of flame that fuels mortal construction.
  • The Eridonic Gate- A portal that serves as a reminder of the presence of the gods.
  • The Anifren Beacon- this light serves as a reminder of the unity of mortals and gods

Check out the video above for a full deep dive into how monuments are built and the benefits players receive for doing so.

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