Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice — a Dark Fantasy Adventure Live on Kickstarter

An image promoting the game Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice.

If you know me, I tend to froth at the mouth when there’s a miniatures game. Even more exciting is when the game features Creature Caster sculpts. Frontline Gaming, the folks behind the popular FLG Mats, Terrain, and Tables, not to mention the Las Vegas Open gaming event presents Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice. Their Kickstarter is live, and this game looks incredibly exciting, complete with awesome looking minis, pop up terrain, and a ton of other goodies. Check out the press release below.


Frontline Gaming is thrilled to announce their first Board Game, Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice. Coming to Kickstarter on January 18th, 2024.

Blood Throne is a cooperative, dark fantasy board game for 1-7 players. It features innovative mechanics, beautiful miniatures sculpted by the masters at Creature Caster, pop-up 3D terrain and a persistent, narratively driven campaign. The box is loaded with hundreds of cards, tokens, and artwork from some of the best talent in the industry.

A photo showing some of the items Blood Throne comes with

The game promises hundreds of cards, tokens, pop-up terrain, and of course, miniatures.

Blood Throne is a tactical RPG, blending elements of beloved high fantasy gaming and strategy games. Players take command of a party of heroes from all over the world of Cheol. Each has a unique backstory, and different strengths and weaknesses. Players will choose which of these to select for each mission, and customize them through leveling up and acquiring loot as they face a host of monsters in their quest.

Over five years in development, Blood Throne has been meticulously play-tested to ensure a fun and challenging experience. The game unfolds against the backdrop of the world, Cheol in dire peril as the gods have been slain and the world lies devastated after a decades long conflict known as the Throne Wars. The terrible Lord Akrithil, god slayer and conqueror, has mysteriously vanished at the cusp of total dominion of Cheol. In his absence his lieutenants have begun vying for power. Most powerful amongst them, Belphegore: the Lord of Sacrifice, is moving to take the Blood Throne and become a god. Those people of Cheol still standing have set aside their differences and come together to form a ragtag alliance called The Last Accord to prevent this terrible fate.

An image showing players playing Blood Throne

The game promises a cooperative tactical RPG experience.

It has been a dream of mine to make a board game since I was 10 years old, and to see it finally coming into reality is simply an amazing feeling. I hope you join us on the journey and have as much fun playing Blood Throne as we did creating it! -Reece Robbins, Lead Game Designer

Blood Throne will come with two expansions in the Kickstarter, one featuring a HUGE boss monster that is truly a marvelous miniature, and the second providing twelve expansion heroes, plus two more pets, with a Handbook that dives deeply into the lore. It will also provide rules for creating your own custom heroes and monsters as well as thrilling player vs. player gameplay modes. Further, Blood Throne will have a companion app to help facilitate gameplay and provide a platform for regular balance updates.

Blood Throne launches on Kickstarter January 18th, 2024.


About Frontline Gaming:

Frontline Gaming has been in business since 2011 and brought several successful products to the market such as the popular FLG Mats, FLG Full Color Terrain and FLG Tables. They also founded and administered the global International Tournament Circuit (ITC) for many game systems such as Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar and more. The ITC brought tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world together in a community for fun and global rankings. Frontline Gaming provided free tools and promotion to help independent stores and event organizers to run and grow their own events as a part of the overall circuit. They also run tabletop gaming events around the United States, the largest of which is the Las Vegas Open, drawing 5,000 tabletop gaming enthusiasts from around the world and home to the largest tournaments in the world for many game systems.

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