BIGFOOT: Roll and Smash Gen Con preview — Mayhem and big tires made by even bigger hearts

The demo table for BIGFOOT: Roll and Smash, from XYZ Game Labs, looked minuscule next to the looming monster-truck directly adjacent. The tires alone stood as tall as me! To our surprise, this monster-truck was the first monster-truck ever, Bigfoot, the very same truck featured on BIGFOOT’s box! I felt like a child again as memories from childhood monster-truck rallies swam through my mind.

BIGFOOT: Roll and Smash is a game about pulling off the most extreme monster-truck stunts. Each player programs the movement of their truck, much like the game Roborally, before unleashing their beast in the pit. Pulling of tricks and jumping over hazards earns points, but blunders like landing on obstacles or running into walls removes points.

Here’s how it works. To begin their turn, a player rolls two very unique and rubbery tire shaped dice! Tire rolls can give points to purchase movement tiles, movement card draw, or hazard tiles. When hazards are rolled, an opponent draws the number of hazards rolled and rearranges the board with the hazards included to make the run as tricky as possible for the current player. After each player completes a run, more obstacles clutter the board and every player completes one more run before tallying the final score.

BIGFOOT also has “rookie” rules which allow, let’s say, a six year old child to play simultaneously with the adults. The points they roll from the tires are simply the number of squares they can move, and cards allow them to place ramps. At the end, an algorithm adjusts their score to fairly match with the other players! Inclusive consideration like this is why I love this hobby, and I was so stoked to see it!

BIGFOOT: Roll and Smash is available for pre-order and is expected to deliver in November. The pre-order for the base game is $30 and retail will be $40. Most board games are $60 dollars or more, but XYZ Game Labs want to make this game as accessible as possible. Considering the amount of love poured in, I’m sure BIGFOOT will be an excellent introduction to the hobby.

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