Become the change you want to see in the realm — An Age Contrived’s Transmuter Device

We take another deep dive into the mechanics of An Age Contrived, this time with the player board/transmuter device. The transmuter device is the primary means by which players interact with the game- how they take their turns. In this video, we go over the five action tiles on the bottom row of the device and what actions they allow the player to take, as well as the advance turn, which is how energy tokens get replenished in the device for future turns.

The actions that can be triggered by the action tiles are:

  • Deploy: move your energy tokens out to the board.
  • Reposition: move your tokens on the board to other positions on the board.
  • Recharge: Flip your channel marker from uncharged to charged.
  • Move: Move your avatar on the board or move tiles up the Sentient and Transformative tracks.
  • Claim: Purchase new transmuter tiles from the dimensional corridor.

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