Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut Hands Off Preview — Polishing the blade

2023 has been a fantastic year for gaming, especially for virtual reality titles. After all, we got both the release of PlayStation VR2 as well as Meta Quest 3 in just this year alone! Now I haven’t been acquainted with the VR gaming scene until recently when I picked up the PS VR2 for myself, and my googly eyes gazed upon a flashy title called Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut.

Little did I know that an older version of the game was released exclusively on PlayStation VR1 back in 2021. Now, developers Endeavor One and publishers Skydance Interactive are brushing up the game for a shiny new re-release on modern VR consoles with the Final Cut version. After attending a hands-off preview session, I’m still not sure what differentiates the upcoming port from the original game. The developers did note that they have implemented “lessons learned” from the previous release, in the form of tweaks to combat and movement, as well as graphical improvements.

For those unfamiliar, Arashi: Castles of Sin is a first person samurai stealth action game set in feudal Japan. You take on the role of an assassin named Kenshiro set on a mission that will take you across Japan to defeat a bandit group known as the Six Oni of Iga. Accompanying you are your loyal and fluffy canine named Haru and cousin, Ayane, providing guidance from back at home. Haru isn’t just there for brownie points, as she can be sent to distract enemies and temporarily stagger them. Don’t worry, you can pet her and even play fetch with her too!

In terms of combat, the game puts an emphasis on close quarters swordplay, but there is a wide variety of gameplay elements, such as stealth and platforming as well. Level design seems wide and expansive, catering to different playstyles and approaches. Expect all the weapons and tools a samurai would use, including a trusty katana, bow and arrow, shuriken, gas grenades, blow guns, and a grappling hook. Heck, you even get to use rifles and guns! The original game was around 5-7 hours, so we can expect the same with the Final Cut version, since the developers have not stated any additional content being added.

It’s hard to say for sure how the game feels until we get hands-on with it, but from what was shown during the preview session, Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut looks to be right up my alley. I’m a sucker for anything set in feudal Japan, especially those involving samurai combat! Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut is coming to PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and PC VR on December 5, 2023. The game will cost $29.99 or your regional equivalent.

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