An escape from the showfloor – Logitech @ E3 2017

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The show floor at E3 can get a little loud, and after a while you can find yourself tired and looking for an escape from all the craziness. I got to this point during a long first day at E3 2017 and decided to leave the show floor and listen to some music. Did I use my own cheap pair of garbage headphones to listen to this music? ARE YOU MAD? Of course not! I went and checked out the brand new G433 headset by Logitech.

When I first saw the G433 headsets, I was immediately struck by how much they didn’t look like your typical gaming headsets. Rather than being big, bulky, and covered in lights, the G433 looks like it takes a much more subdued and chic take on what a gaming headset could be, while still having a flamboyant splash do to its bold color options. While talking with a representative of Logitech, he told me that the company wanted to make a pair of headphones that people can wear as clothing, rather than something that looks like electronics strapped to someone’s head.

But what do they sound like and how do they feel? First off, I would like to say that being a man with slightly larger ears, finding headphones that fit comfortably and don’t end up hurting after a few minutes can be quite difficult. While I didn’t wear the G433 for an extended period of time, I felt no pain or discomfort at any point while wearing this headset. This could be thanks to its light weight of only 259 grams, or roughly half a pound, which is the lightest Logitech over-ear headset ever.

While listening to music, I found the G433 to sound very clean and crisp without any distortion, even at a relatively high volume. When talking to the Logitech representative, he mentioned that they wanted the sound profile to focus on the mids and highs rather than cranking the bass all the way up. When I got to check this out for myself, I could definitely hear what he was describing. When I got a chance to try out the headphones with some of my own music, I turned on one of my favorite bands, Between the buried and me. With how complex and sporadic their music can be, sometimes, parts of their songs can have trouble cutting through on low quality speakers. With the G433, I could hear everything. The mids and highs cut through the mix very nicely and the bass was still prevalent enough for me to feel the music.

During my time with Logitech, I also got to check out their Powerplay charging solution, which is essentially a mousepad that can charge any of the compatible wireless mice from anywhere on top of the pad. When they first showed me Powerplay, I was amazed that the concept had never crossed my mind before. I hate having to charge my mouse in the middle of an extended gaming session, so the thought of never having to stop mid-game to charge a mouse again blew my mind. It is such an incredible Idea that just makes a lot of sense, with wireless charging becoming a more common thing in everyday households, this feels like a natural progression in the PC peripherals industry.

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