30 minutes of Destiny 2: Patrolling the European Dead Zone

Last week Gaming Trend went hands-on with Bungie’s highly-anticipated sequel to Destiny, Destiny 2. Today, we’re able to share with you a small sampling of our adventures, by showing off one of the new open-world areas: the European Dead Zone.

The European Dead Zone provides opportunity for plenty of exciting activities, some old and some new. These include “adventures,” which are side-quests that focus on storytelling and world-building, “Lost Sectors,” which are hidden areas with a boss and loot lurking within, treasure hunts, public events, and patrols.

Though public events are returning in Destiny 2, they now include hidden “heroic public events,” which are triggered by fulfilling a secret objective. Heroic public events are more difficult, and provide better loot.

We’ll have plenty more to share on our time with Destiny 2 in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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