Spoilercast: Danganronpa 1 + 2

It’s time for the Spoilercast again, and this one is all about Danganronpa. The hit series of visual novels that became a sleeper hit in the US, David Roberts and Kenneth Shepard join me to chat about just what makes these games so good. From crazy trials and music to the possibility of a Voltron-style Junko, we cover every base and discuss just why the number 11037 gives us so many chills.

Obligatory warning: This is the Spoilercast, so there will be – yup – spoilers! Don’t listen if you haven’t yet finished Danganronpa 1 or 2, as we discuss everything, and I wouldn’t want you to ruin your experience with these incredible games by hearing the outcomes of the trials and such. Thanks, and listen away, and for more on Danganronpa, check out our reviews of both Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair, as well as our analysis of the game’s main villain.


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