Mana Drop: Evolve Token Shaman

Greetings, travelers! Welcome to Gaming Trend’s Hearthstone strategy podcast, the Mana Drop.

For this new weekly show, Joe DeClara will invite guests to offer in-depth analysis of a current, meta-savvy deck. Standard builds, Wild builds, one deck every Friday!

For the inaugural episode of the Mana Drop, Joe DeClara invites Ryan Davenport on the show to discuss Token Shaman and how it’s become a tier 1 deck in the current meta. Evolve Token Shaman showcases Hearthstone’s RNG systems with exceptional flare. Featuring cards like Evolve, Devolve, and Maelstrom Portal, this deck holds potential to host any low-cost monster in the game!

Here’s the deck listed on TempoStorm.

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Joe's favorite games are Zelda: Majora's Mask, Dishonored, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Hearthstone. His favorite game is not The Witcher 3 because he hasn't played it yet.

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